Saruk Refurbished iPhones (iPhones vs Androids)


I jumped into Android platform late last year after years of using Windows Mobile and Blackberry .A couple of things made me choose android i.e ability to tinker around with the OS, variety of hardware to cater all people and only major platform supporting dual SIM ( SIM ya kureceive pesa and another for making calls/data).


:grinning::grinning::grin::grin::grin: I compared it with infinix since it’s the only android phone that has reliable battery Samsung is no go zone…

By the way I hear Samsung has copied iPhone’s animoji ( a feature we’ve enjoyed for a year now) in their Galaxy 9 and they are calling AR Imoji and as usual apple invent then Samsung copy. i can do the following without touching my phone
*scroll-up my screen by just raising my head and scroll down by lowering my head.
*undo a typo, e-mail delete by just shaking my phone
*besides weather, I can ask my phone which plane passing over me and it tells me the full details of it
*call uber, order for lunch, send an email, text, update fb status, tweet, trending topics, all without touching my phone and many more courtesy of a beautiful voiced female called siri

Read about a tool in iOS 11 called Battery Health… It measures the exact battery remaining general lifespan, current battery health, usage by each app and has the ability to throttle battery consumption by these apps besides power saving feature and in the long run extend that endurance by a couple more hrs and its lifespan in general


:sweat_smile: on that note am agreeing with you but remember you can just tell siri to shut-up and she obeys by flashing notifications silently until your next command.
Am seeing guys upto-date are still using iPhone 5(released 6 years ago) and even 8yrs old iphone 4. Android’s Ideos phone that was released same year bracket cannot even switch on today. most Samsung phones after a period of 2yrs they become unbearable that tells alot about android OS and their gadgets.


I still have my 4S.
Still works like a charm, picture quality and battery Wise…


Hii topic sijui ibadilishwe iPhones vs. those other phones…hehehe. Lakini debate ya iPhone vs. Android haiwezi isha.


I used my first Samsung dumb phone (which was sort of a creme dela creme the D600 - huge stereo speakers, excellent camera 2mpx) from 2008 to 2011.

I moved to my droid then some Galaxy mini on Nov 2011. I changed to A7 2016 in Nov 2016.

The D600 and Galaxy Mini (very mint) are still in working condition though the D600 is in a sorry state.

:sob::sob::sob::sob: which Samsung? My 3300mah on A7 beats Infinix za 4000mah. You know Android is not that good with battery and if you can’t optimize just put in a bigger battery.


aauuuuuuuuu! :ok_man::ok_man::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming: hapa sasa umeongea like a real apple fanboy mwenye hajui anything outside that “ecosystem” :rofl::rofl: hapa naona ile minyororo umefungwa na Apple hakuna argument naeza leta ikutoe huko.

The only thing original to Apple from your “list” of iPhone achievements ni Animoji. thats all. :joy: The rest existed in android millions of years ago (gestures za samsung). Alafu ati infinix is the only android device with reliable battery??? does it even have any reliability? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

From my analysis, you have never used any high end android. hizi ni story tu. you just jumped from an infinix straight to iphone. prove me wrong. usiniambie “my friend used this and this” :joy:


Please dont forget Huawei Ideos was 8000 and Iphone 4 was around 70,000.


My redmi 5 plus lasts forever. I even have an OTG cable to juice up my galaxy and iphone friends.


I have a 2017 Android flagship
My old iPhone 4S compares favourably in terms of Camera , durability (Drops)in andttery Longevity. Infact I Cuddle the Android Phone like a baby to avoid any Drops ( the damn thing costed an arm and leg…). The 4S survives a lot… And comes out smiling on the other side

Let’s call a Spade a spade iPhone beats comparable Android phones (battery, performance and durability)


All was going well until @Alfy brought a bread knife (in the name of Siri) to a war. Dude, before you flaunt to us how amazing Siri is, remember Android has Google Assistant. You know what that is? Lemme tell you, Google Assistant is who Siri asks questions that she can’t answer.


oh my God!! What??? and what android flagship is that? am guessing S8 cuz its glass. do this my friend, get iphone 7 and drop both of them. please watch Phonebuff’s youtube channel for drop tests… iphone is crap in physical durability. Ama, compare iphone 4s with s4 or s3… ama htc one m7, hio time they were not glass.

Ati camera ya iphone 4s compares to the “undisclosed 2017 flagship” you are not mentioning??? Am sure you dont own that flagship cuz this is pure lie. Sema ni gani. aki watu wa iphone na uongo, ati s8 and iphone 4s are similar in camera :rofl::rofl:


Wow! iphone users can really brag


And iPhone wins now guys shut up and close this thread


:joy: I honestly hate arguing about iOS/iPhone vs Android, but the way Kenyan “iPhoners” argue drives me crazy. Too naive in my opinion, (mostly when they try to compare iPhones with infinixes and Tecnos :grin:). Siongei tena hapa.



I don’t need a YouTube Channel to tell me what I can conclude on mine own.

Nway, each to his own…
If you think your Tecno is the best phone ever, who is to say otherwise… Beauty is in the Beer holder…


Tuwache story ya TECNO. I have an S9, wewe uko na iPhone gani? We go head to head and finish this way.


I absolutely like where we’re heading to :joy::joy:


You are right I’ve never owned an android at all and I will never… but i know every detail about android coz everyone around me including my family members owns an android just like every car in-front of you is a toyota… To me Samsung, sony, nokia, infinix, oppo, lenovo, techno, zte, huawei and the rest I give them a no no no answer infact it’s not right for the flag to always keep following the wind you need to stand-out at one point in life. taste are never the same therefore i still do respect your choice but thanks hata kama ni Galaxy 9, it’s big No for me


Just like i said… some of the things are hard to convince non-apple users infact you can never win on this one remember they are sony, samsung, nokia, huawei and fans of many other brands combined yet you are just one (iPhone) no other fan of another brand to back you… they are the majority so kubali tu yaishe siku moja watatuunga mikono just like that time when Samsung turned into a portable bomb and was a threat to security and airline safety… tuliza tu hivo ulivyo