Samsung Galaxy S8 already available for sale at Diamond Plaza



Cuz flagships don’t have compromises…


In short our interest is not specifically the release year, but build quality…


good-luck with android nougat


Well, most of these android versions work or appear more or less the same. Same thing with windows updates. Unless you are really into tech or are simply savvy most of the touted new android versions don’t make a significant impact on how you interact with android…


Most consumers do not care about updates… That’s a pill I had to swallow


S8 is definitely better than Pocophone or Nokia 7 plus especially the plus version. The only reason personally I will go with the pocophone is the curved screen. I drop my phone atleast once per day so screen protectors are a must. Galaxy s8 becomes extremely ugly with screen protectors on.


For anyone who loves their software updates, we find your statement very offensive.


Some of us cant don’t appreciate difference between android 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0. We only update coz the updates are there … … … …


The only reason I would not buy S8 is screen protectors don’t fit :joy:


I have never really understood why manufacturers go to great lengths to make slim/ light devices, only for us to saddle them with sijui screen protector, covers…

Eventually some Phones end up weighing more than twice their original weight…


You don’t need one anyway…