Safaricom's Mpesa 1 Tap a summary of thoughts


thats a nice start to modernize payments in public transport


Remember Bebapay? I still have their card. New and with 100 bob inside. Why did it die? Anyone?


Bebapay died because of poor strategy execution and lack of involvement of the relevant stakeholders in the venture.


Are you referring to Safaricom switching all Lipa na M-Pesa board to the Lipa na 1Tap boards? Because I have seen the boards all over but very few actually have the PDQ.


Both boards,they are gaining prominence in most places in this city.Personally i look forward to 1tap use in public transport.


Exactly. I did a project and system proposal for Uber some time back ( working with the online checkout API) , literally before Taxify added Mpesa as a payment option. I got in touch with the head of operations for Kenya. It was forwarded to their region lead for Africa and that’s where that line ended. The head (Kenya) was impressed with the proposal but apparently it couldn’t be taken up.


Safaricom released Mpesa 1tap and then right after, released the mySafaricom app that reduces the steps to make payments, and the latter is what got users. Oh yeah, and seeing as 1Tap was trying to create a solution that works across the board without factoring in devices that already have NFC, it missed a beat. But later they included it in the mySafaricom app.

My question is whether people are using it. I have probably seen that gadget at two locations, and both were Naivas.


Its quick and easy .I have made payments pale Naivas Westlands using 1tap on Nokia 5 which has inbuilt NFC .


IMAX lately havent been using their Mpesa 1tap and increasingly a number of sales outlets are also shunning the devices.Last time i paid with it at IMAX,the only one of the IMAX staff really knew how to use it and it required a number of wrist band taps to register the payment…i guess such cumbersome user experiences can really get to ruin and discourage its use.


Yeah, on Sunday they rejected my request to use 1Tap and the reason was “iko complicated.” However, I have used it before at their premises and it took shorter duration than me having to use till number, so I don’t understand what their issue is. Why do enterprises oppose change??? especially tech change, cuz it benefits others (safcom)? arrghh!


If you ask me, Mpesa 1 Tap came and was immediately invalidated by Mpesa Xpress. What’s easier, tapping (which may be try and error) on a device with your phone, or being asked your number and this gets an STK push from the vendor to your phone?

The wireless payment wins in that it has a more sure process that is easier for users to learn.


I thought Xpress was only for online shopping. If it works like you just said I want that feature now! :joy::joy:


Both online and wireless. That’s how it’s implemented on NaivasPay.


man,i have been unable to get that MPESA Xpress option on Google play on my android phone even after seeking safaricoms support.But i must stay i have loved the STK push for payments,you just check the payment details and if you agree you just put your MPESA PIN and payment is done…very fast and simple…especially how some local apps have implemented it like Mobar and Ocharge…


We need a suitable balance in coming up with user agreements that cater for developers’ I.P rights while spurring innovation and ingenuity at the same time. All the same civic education on I.P rights for developers is extremely necessary.


Looks like Mpesa 1tap also left us.
But no way it was surviving Mpesa Xpress.


Mpesa 1Tap was a failure because of poor execution…


You see everywhere MPESA 1TAP branding but you can’t use it because vendors are not provisioned to use it.


i agree but when it comes to patents,even big companies can lose,they are very the qualcomm vs apple can win with money


Now Spotify vs Apple fight in Europe. Hapa Apple wanaenda kulimwa.