Safaricom's Mpesa 1 Tap a summary of thoughts


I still think this investment and tech is solving a problem that doesn’t exist. All it does is cut on time which isnt that big a deal. What they should have is a robust online integration and have something like Paypal or allow accessing the MPESA account via an online interface and pay for stuff through it.


A good number of phones come with NFC. They ought to have also considered the use of NFC in phones. The idea of carrying shambhalas in your wrist :frowning::frowning::frowning:

However, QR code idea not sure if they decided to copy Visa or it’s Visa who copied them is great as opposed to the wristbands and 1tap cards.

They should push for the QR Codes and mySafaricom app use.


Haven’t they enabled this through the mySafaricom app?


Not yet. The only change I noticed is the inclusion of QR Code scanning.


Then what’s this “Mpesa 1Tap” option under tap and pay?

Edit: It only appears after you update(there was a big update that brought a slew of features including Mshwari,QR code scanning for payments) the mySafaricom app. Techweez did an article on this ; mySafaricom’s Latest Update Brings M-Shwari, M-Pesa 1 Tap, Direct Bill Payments and More


yeah, 1tap works kwa simu iko an nfc through safaricom app. my sammy A720 is working perfectly with it.


Thanks for the heads up. Actually, I only noticed of the 1 Tap menu under Mpesa but whenever I clicked on it I thought the Get Card feature required me to add a physical 1Tap card. So I have just clicked on it and it has activated my virtual card.

That is cool :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


:scream::scream::scream: never realised that… Will try to use it


There exists that feature on the Mpesa API side. I’ve utilised it but the fact that I still always have to have my phone with me to put in the pin put me off. I saw that as a pointless venture. My initial assumption was that using the NFC card would have reduced the need for me to have my phone such as when my battery dies e.t.c So now I have to carry my phone and the card to use adds extra hustle. I normally just leave the card at home.


lately i have been leaving the wristband at home,i realized there arent many places i can use the device on a daily to make payments.


I haven’t seen a place where 1Tap is supported. Unaona tu hapo label ya Paybill na 1Tap ukiuliza kama unaeza tap unaambiwa hapana.


Anga IMAX pale tao yao ufanya… I have paid with onetap twice hapo… Hao wengine most ni poster tu


I have also been asking to pay na 1Tap, especially since I really want to try pay with my phone since I activated my virtual card but so far I have not been successful.


I tried Anga IMAX in town,they allow one to pay using 1Tap…my experience was seemless and i loved it.


Sasa sisi watu wa Kodi… Tutaenda IMAX lini?


I just used 1tap via my NFC enabled phone (activated via the Safaricom App Virtual Card) at Tuskys Tmall Langata and the experience was fast & Smooth. At first the cashier asked for the actual card saying that most the inbuilt NFC phones had issues with the 1tap machine but my phone worked like a charm.


1tap is really taking off btw in most places,i am beginning to notice them in more outlets that i visit esp food joints,now all they need for ubiquity is to move into the transport sector,maybe start with little cabs,strike a partnership with Uber,engage a few transportation saccos,the more places that have the option to tap,the better for usage and uptake…


Really doubt Uber would touch that. They want your money to move straight to Amsterdam.

Probably reason you should support local players.


But how? People pay in cash. This would be a Godsend for the accounting types


Used my card for the first time yesterday on a matatu on thika road. Thought it was dead but they are now pushing 1tap to matatus