Safaricom's Mpesa 1 Tap a summary of thoughts


You notice this is a case from 2014, the lessons learnt in the space cannot apply here. The screwage, if it indeed happened, could not have been prevented by recent events.


To build a technology startup or business locally in the current environment of big players needs tact and aggressiveness plus building a dedicated/loyal team with unrivalled technology and visionary founders who see the bigger picture.Because disrupting/upending existing players locally is just another humongous mountain that only the strong willed and focused can break through


All this talk about getting patents really gets to me. With all honesty, by the time you are sharing an idea with potential partners and investors, you are probably looking for money and patents aren’t 10k that it will be easy to afford, those things are expensive and take too long to process.

Maybe we should stop blaming the young generation for sharing their ideas and actually go after the government to make that process of applying for patents easily accessible and speedy.


I am sorry Saruni if I made it sound like getting a patent was easy. I apologize for that.

And you are right, the government needs to make it easier to get patents!!


Hahaha… It wasn’t directed to you only. Please don’t apologise. It’s just that it’s become a trend, people just say get a patent, get a copyright. Rarely will you see someone actually tell the youth how to get that patent and so on.


I believe this is the case as well. I firmly believe Safaricon Academy or whatever they call themselves each quarter is just grounds to steal ideas from the youth.

In March @martingicheru sent me a link for Microsoft Insiders for good and when I tried talking to some of my partners about it, they flat out refused to enter citing established companies trend with stealing ideas from entrepreneurs.

It’s becoming very hard to find legit partnerships in kenya because of this kind of culture. The government doesn’t protect creatives - see how photographers, filmmakers, devs are treated - and the market doesn’t call to accountability companies engaged in theft, so who is there to challenge them when they ‘innovate’ and one discovers they just lifted an idea from someone else?

Without MPESA, people will realize safaricon is just a company of many derivative thinkers. No real innovation to show.


Good point! Seems like the government should invest in educating the youth on such things and removing barriers to getting patents and/or copyrights.


You can only patent an invention. You can’t legally patent an idea. Neither can you copyright it.


That’s unfortunate! So how does one share an idea without it being stolen by their potential investors? How do you protect yourself and/or your idea?


Write down the idea, mail it to yourself, do not open the mail until you need to prove the idea is yours.
Also, use emails to arrange for meetings with clear reference to the purpose of the meeting and if possible record meetings.


Ideas are useless unless implemented, unfortunately for the guy lots of prior art exists for what this system is supposed to do. I don’t think he would have been granted a patent either way.


…This is probably the only way to protect yourself. But in reality there’s very little you can do to protect an idea; since there’s really no way to prove that you are the only person who has had or will have said idea.


then there’s that…hahaha


Did the service roll out in Nairobi?


this service is probably dead because of poor strategic execution…


When you steal an idea but fail to steal the mind behind that idea, you STALL!!!


hahahaha… Good one :thumbsup:


Nope. Not yet.




It was launched today. I think its great idea but I don’t think i’ll be using it a lot(I have a card already from my bank and my MPESA balance is usually less than KES 500).