Safaricom's Masoko e-commerce platform. What do you think?


That site has no excuses to be down.

It’s owned by a company that’s providing both the internet and the cloud storage. The only advantage they’d have is if they zero rated access to the site to increase traffic (and site retention times) like MAD.


This is what happens when you hire people from Jumia


No need to keep up with Trump and his poaching drama when we have a poacher of our own :rofl:


As I came to read up on. This was a problem occasioned by somebody trying to do maintenance on the platform at the same time as it was live. Magento Unavailability Causes The fix wasn’t going to take that long though. Just seems the :fried_egg: (:laughing: I had to sorry)Jumia guys don’t read manuals before going into production :thinking:

ps: The joke was the eggs like poached eggs the way Saf poached the Jumia guys.


I don’t actually agree with this person, I think it’s hiccups of a new platform, they are learning the hard way.


For those who have used Lipa na M-pesa, are you charged any transaction fees?


All the resources they have + this being a ‘me-too’ thing means they have no excuse. They took on more than they could initially handle both technically and as someone pointed out, operationally. Start-ups with limited resources have these issues, shouldn’t be the case with ‘established companies’

As some point out, their best selling physical product is mobile phones. They should have started with that and made it impossible for anyone to consider buying elsewhere. High volume bulk & low price quality retail. Once they have that figured out then they cascade outwards. Advice is that it’s easier (and cheaper) having everything in-house long term than ‘connecting customers to vendors that have been vetted’ Their terms and conditions show their aversion to taking responsibility and when it comes to online purchases, guarantees outweigh convenience everytime. No way am I spending 100,000 when they can’t guarantee I’ll get what I want or are having problems with refunds.


with the kind of marketing push Masoko is getting lately,its better their site doesnt get any downtime otherwise all that marketing will have been for nothing.


They might take ages to grant Equitel


this will be another one of the many abandoned Safaricom projects within the next few months. There is no single profitable e-commerce operation in Africa and Masoko will not be the first one. If you know how Safaricom works internally, they are very allergic to losses, so there’s no manager who will want to be associated with this thing as soon as the numbers become clear. Let’s not waste too much airtime discussing this soon to be dead horse.


A few days ago, I searched for “harddisk” got back with a result of two items – they were both Lenovo laptops.
Did a second search of harddisk cases. Mmm… I got cases, BUT they were iPhone and Galaxy cases.

Masoko isn’t as great as they say. Nothing close!

  • Why don’t we have home addresses and streets in Kenya?

  • Why are you charged to pick up an item?

  • Jumia charges you 1,499/= to deliver to your doorstep.

Online shopping is years behind in Kenya.


I am trying to talk to someone at he Mombasa county to just name or number roads, then move on and number houses or plots which for
counties will also help land rates collection, garbage and other services, and then benefit e-commerce with home deliveries, currently even in Nairobi
it’s very difficult to tell someone or direct them to where you live,
-Jumia, dial a delivery try but you have to keep calling to instruct on which turns and which tree, which white shop to take turns at.
Even a private companies should push for this, just go to kenya power twitter and see kenyans trying to explain where the power fault is at, some descriptions can make you laugh.


But at least jumia does it despite challenges reaching your far home lol


I would also do it for 1,500/=


Anyone shopped at Masoko lately? What was your experience?


I think you’re the only one who can tell us this…


@AbuyasLife did buy for me a Bluetooth headset and the process was smooth, it was an offer and this got delivered earlier than expected.


Yeah, they are fast nowadays tbh


Maybe techweez will buy the Kwese Play streaming box available on masoko and do a review of both one of these days.