Safaricom's Masoko e-commerce platform. What do you think?


OLX has no gatekeeping which means anyone can sell stolen goods there with victims - especially for mobile phones - having to follow up with police - whom you have to ‘encourage’ frequently - so results can be found, if ever.


So came across this today and would seem more people think this e-commerce thing isn’t the success they think it will be


I saw this and I didn’t know what to comment. Maybe Safaricom will do it differently.


Sure thing. I know that’s a very general error and it might take some troubleshooting to solve so no pressure. I’ll try to give a little more detail if it happens again because I realized it occurs very randomly.


I think the question should be what next from safaricom.


still waiting for their music streaming and the mpesa cards


Tunangoja tuone vile elections zitaenda.


Says Safaricom?


November 16 launch date imepita, the site is up.


Yes, it went live at midnight. So we can all review the site and shopping experience.


they need to avoid charging high cost compared to the competition… for instance, this TCL TV number 32D2900 cost 21,000 at Masoko while its only 18, 000 at Avechi… hii sio simu ati itakuja na bundles to justify the price… other electronics bado ziko expe relative to other sites…


Haven’t had time to check it out properly,how are their delivery terms,will they use the safaricom shops and dealers as collection centers??


Jumia looks cooler though. Masoko looks like a drop shipping extension of OLX


I tried Masoko on Saturday, unknown to me, that was a public beta and they are yet to launch, on 21 November. My order was not successful, they deducted me the amount and are taking forever to refund. How I regret my kierehere.


A quick look at this and it does give the feeling of Beta.

They’re using Magento so that’s expected for enterprise level e-commerce
They haven’t done any SEO
Some links on their site are either incomplete or intentionally wrong - like their social media buttons have an added space to them.

Some elements like their terms and conditions seem written in ‘Kenyan English’ and have little to no legalese (a plus, sorta)
Whoever was writting them may have been in a hurry or tired. One term reads:

You shall NOT order and pay for the products using the procedure specified on this website :eyes:

Others are very subjective. Like when they talk about a ‘Good Reason’ or ‘Reasonable Time’ it’s left open ended (perhaps at the discretion of Safcon) when it would be better to give specifics to ensure certainty.

They should only charge you for items once they enter the shipping process. Paying first only to be told the item is now unavailable or they’re unable to deliver means having to wait for refunds. As someone whose waited for a refund from safcon before it’s a terrible experience.

I don’t see the ‘Crazy Deals’ they’re talking about (reducing the price by about 2% is hardly a deal, let alone a crazy one)

I am unable to find the guest checkout option. It’s 2017 and one shouldn’t be forced to open an account on an entry level e-commerce website to make a purchase. 1 in 4 potential shoppers would abandon their cart if forced to open an account (guess which one I belong to? :rofl:)

Apple, Wallmart, Dell are among those that allow guest checkout so why not Safcon? If you’re going to compete with world class brands better start offering world class experiences.

Yes, Amazon insists that users open an account before checking out. Amazon accounts gives access to a world of discounts and convenience that no other retail has been able to match so they can probably get away with it. Safcon isn’t a global brand and as of writting this is nowhere near Amazon so perhaps a more people first approach (laughable notion to them but one can dream)

I shall save the rest for later. Some people have said it’s a beta so things could change by tomorrow (probably not but we shall see)


Damn,the site looks dope and works great,they got a few products and so far as i have been testing it out,it seems to be working just fine…At this rate,Safaricom is just going to be Kenya’s Amazon, can really pickup with the right marketing strategy on all media, a deep catalogue of products and services offered and swift delivery of products and services.Jumia is really in for a fight i guess.


I’ve found a womens perfume that’s been quite hard to get there. Only reason I haven’t ordered is because @sarunibm has had a situation where cash was deducted but process didn’t complete, and refund process is another one that requires a tribunal to complete.


On that note, they are “still looking into it” with “it” being my refund. From Saturday, it’s been more than enough time for Masoko to refund me my 20K, but I decided to be patient, waiting for whatever BS they’ll give when they refund.


Someone in charge of Masoko is really letting them down. These can’t be problems of a company that’s owned by a cloud hosting provider


That site also messed me up. It didn’t load during the iPhone flash sale.
On other deals, you can get the Nvidia Shield for $149.00(excluding the controller) on Amazon.