Safaricom Unlimited 4G for 100 bob



Sales personnel really need to up their game. I don’t understand why US Africans ignore 1 or 2-3 clients and run for big fish clients.


The unlimited 4G offer is no longer visible on my Safaricom app. Was it a ‘limited’ time offer.


Star 544 # and then select “tunukiwa internet” option 1. Ziko hapo zote


No longer there for me. It disappeared like Mitt Romney.


What if it disappears to those customers who don’t use it often?


zangu ziko, ndio natumia saa hii kwanza


I will try with a new line.


Same here. I still have them. But 1GB for 12hours disappeared.


Mine is still here

Check option 8.


I’m changing my name to honey!


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Get yours.


One of Us! One of Us!

Welcome comrade, we like to think of ourselves as beta testers for Safaricoms new ‘no tunukiwa unlimited 4g data’ product. Even when they torture us with sms after sms announcing UNLIMITED 4G OFFER!!! (sic), we stand strong and ignore the poor sobs like @Omgitsdes , @sarunibm , @martingicheru for we know what they do not. They too will experience our fate and the last laugh will be OURS!


Me too am in this group no Tunukiwa unlimited 4g offer hii ubaguzi ya saf itaisha tu


Buying bundles: Hi Honey
Depleting bundles: Dear Customer…


It’s usually under Tunukiwa not ‘normal’ mbs so dial *444#


waliileta kwa *544# …option 1


Funny thing happened over the weekend.
My Unlimited 4G shows okay, but when I subscribed it I received the 1GB for 24hours instead.
THIEVES doing what they do best!


Done that but it disappeared.


I’m not seeing the two offers.


Yeah, unlimited tunukiwa is absent for me as well, both 3 hrs and 24hrs.