Safaricom Unlimited 4G for 100 bob



Plus the 1GB at 99 bob for 24 hours, call that the Telkom/Airtel effect


mimi saf wameninyima hiyo offer kabisa


Have you tried checking in the my safaricom app


yeah nimeshake simu hadi mkono inauma


Inafaa kuwa kwa tunukiwa si blaze :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


I even went as far as Unsubscribing from Blaze …
No change…


tried all still nothing


Subscribed for the first time to Safcom Unlimited 4G moments ago after unsuccessfully trying to upload a video on Twitter through Airtel 4G


read an article on reddit on how it started and why it is cheap quite interesting


Short answer? Piracy. :grin::grin:


Also, to the people saying that this wouldn’t work in US due to the huge size difference: who says you have to blanket the entire nation with fiber on day 1? I agree, that’s impossible. You start with areas that have a high population density and then fan out to lower and lower population density zones.

In Kenya it’s the opposite.


Start out in Karen then branch out to Mathare in 2034


From what I have read, Kenya has A LOT of dark fiber.

In my estate, we have underground fiber cables just outside the gate. They were put there 3/4 years ago and we still do not have fiber internet.


Not dark Fiber. That fiber works. Serving corporate clients or connecting BTSs. The business sense on the consumer side is not there.

We do have them in our area Liquid, Telkom, Safaricom, Zuku. But alas! They are not just lying there.


true i was at a kcb in buru and decided to test their wifi speed and it showed the provider as liquid yet liquid does not offer home internet in that place


Ah! Makes sense.

The entire thing is definitely underutilized though!


Same as in my area, kwanza Jamii Fibre passes just outside our gate lakini they said it’s only available to business clients. I’ve also seen Liquid Telecom manhole covers, one connecting to an Airtel BTS and the other one to a bank, which I confirmed later on that they were indeed using Liquid Telecom after doing a speedtest on their free WiFi

might as well also just say that it’s KCB Ongata Rongai WiFi I tested hehe


That would include your building if your landlord was interested in making your lives easier.


Don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this, coz this is how Safaricom fibre came into the building. Have to make a follow up on the same with Liquid


why are they ignoring these residential buildings,they should take the opportunity when it is still there hata kama clients ni wawili kwa building mzima