Safaricom Unlimited 4G for 100 bob



Haha, this is so funny. I did not try the offer as I spend all my internet resources on Faiba 4G. I have major beef with Safaricom; short term offers like this are silly as well as the fact they do not have any tailored offers for their MIFI devices. I have a MIFI I bought for over 5K that is off since the beginning of the year. I find this to be ridiculous.


I still have it. Both the 100 and 300 options


It’s back.


I am sure something has been ‘‘shaved off’’ the Sufferingcom way.


i havent had any of these unlimited offers :frowning:


me too as well


used 15GB yesterday downloading F1 Baku race in the 3hours unlimited. Cap is 100 GB but very hard to use up because of low internet speeds.


I realized something interesting, those who have devices that have “4G ONLY” have high chances of using up to 100GB than those with devices with AUTO 3G/4G because you all know what happens when the signal is whack!


Get the 4G only app it locks your phone to 4G but you won’t be able to receive,make calls or receive sms when the app is on.


i use the engineer mode on star hash star hash4636hash star hash star , and lock it to LTE Only


the location I am at has good 4G coverage so it doesnt flactuate. Its a small market, no tall buildings.


I have this planned out for when I need to download new games to the console. Make sure everything is ready and just for maximum value, I begin at like 11 AM (when people start sleeping over here) downloading the smaller games first (15GB - 30GB) I go to sleep once the downloads pass 100GB


Who understands this?


My guess is the phone has switched to 3G and hence the bundle SMS prompt .Tunukiwa "unlimited " is actually “limited” to 4G .


What I am yet to understand is why some of us have never received a 4G unlimited Offer.
I have the Safaricon App


4G phone? 4G enabled line?

I can see your phone is on H+ (3G). The offer is 4G ONLY.


4G enabled phone and line


Try using 4G lock app to retain 4G network through out hence avoiding those annoying txt prompts.


Still on Tunukiwa offers. I’ve options of 3.2Gb for 1,000/= valid 7 days and another of 10Gb for 999/= valid for 7 days. Weird options.


I think this is because of this news