Safaricom Unlimited 4G for 100 bob



Because internet speeds are super amazing


:joy::joy::joy::joy: ata sina jibu, but not a competition


You are not alone, my tunukiwa unlimited offers dissappeared kitambo while I was busy defending them here :man_shrugging:. I’d used the 2 hour unlimited twice before but almost a month now they’ve been missing.


Some fundi cut the fiber to my office and I subscribed to the 24 hour unlimited,5 guys chewed through 70 GB only, the speeds were nice, it’s a good thing


The day i get a 4G phone i will use that unlimited offer vilivyo for now let me survive on wifi


Last week ndio safaricom wamenitumia text ati 4G is now available in my area :joy::grin::grin::grin:


Luck you! yaani unangoja hadi saf wana kuUpdate huku wengine tunatafta info na kujua place 4G ime extend (probably places I/we visit most)


Funny thing I have noted that my equity app won’t open on safaricom promotional bundles, the unlimited, power hour 19 Bob, but works with even normal 15mb


It’s Been 1TB for 24 hours for over 3 weeks now. Those saying one can’t finish 100GB lack things to download. The gamers here understand a single game starts at about 26GB all the way to 50GB if you want 4K support. LTE Cat 16 means you’ll get up to 80Mbps and here is what you can do with it

This is 1 product from Safcon that so far has some real value for downloaders. We’re probably loosing out in a way we’re yet to figure out but till then…

Safaricom might be throttling torrents

Because they have already downloaded what they need :grin:, you won’t be downloading games every time you are on offer… Also, speed matters… That’s why I said: good device and large files :slight_smile:


This weekend, I used nearly 200GB! I planned for like a week, wrote down everything I needed to download (mostly online free courses), subscribed and then boom!


I agree with you. Its not always downloading time


True to fashion, it seems the 24 ‘Unlimited’ 4G offer has disappeared (at least on the devices i’ve tested), leaving only the 3 hour one.

Anyone else still have it?


Have you tried the Safaricom app? I also think they are on 4G.


Also gone missing on my two devices. Seems folks milked it well.


Yeah…its gone. Though I wont miss it (despite that I have milked it well) since I don’t think it was worth it. It was like lending money to someone in need on Shylock terms…helps you but not worth it :grin::grin:


I think we should start a Thread that’s updated on the 3rd last day of the month titled: ‘Everything leaving (Insert Company Name Here) this month’, Tracking what comes in and what’s leaving Telcos and other profit over people companies just like people do with Netflix.

Casual readers will then see the forming pattern of companies who loudly announce ‘offers’ touring their pro-consumer benefits but quietly discontinue them when they miss their profit over people ways.

Equity - Paypal

These three would feature very often


Well never got the unlimited 4G offer.
Don’t know why
But seems you guys had fun, while it lasted…!


which one is gone I still have the 100 bob 3 hour option.


Unlimited 4G for 24 hours