Safaricom Unlimited 4G for 100 bob



I have FTTH in the house. That’s why I don’t see the need to subscribe to it.


this weekend me and my mboys have organized a get together to try and use up the 100 GB #geekthings


Doesn’t have to be home. Maybe when you’re out there for a couple of hours without wifi


you report the results lol


How Come everyone seems to have this Saf Unlimited offer.
I can’t see the offer on either *444# or MySafaricom App. Even called Saf Customer Care who said there is no unlimited Saf offers. Then went ahead to say how Tunukiwa is tailored for an individual.
On my Safaricom app I can only see the normal offers, nothing unlimited.
Same Case for me and a Couple of friends
FYI I have a 4G Phone



You mean Mpigg…?!


how long have you used your sim? maybe its cuz of your line not being old enough :grin::grin::grin:


Have used the Line for like 15 years…


Am sorry for that but to me, it seems like you never use 4G network. Maybe thats why you’re excluded… just saying!




Funny guy


Seems it’s been bumped to 1TB. I subscribed to the 24 hours option.


:joy::joy::joy: they can also bump it to 1 Petabyte and trust me, you will never use 100GB in 24 hours, unless you purely torrent everything you need, atleast 10GB per file. I would advise guys to get devices which support 4G+ to enjoy the offer better…


you can use 100GB per day if there’s more than 1 user


speed will be an issue… Last weekend I used 42GB but my luck was mi hustay top floor and network is always full… speeds hit a maximum of 40-45 Mbps. If you live at a place without a good reception, ata 10GB haiezi isha watu kumi. Also, streaming alone at 1080p cannot use more than 10gb for like 12hours… na mkiwa wengi 1080p will buffer a lot. But if you have a good device with excellent MIMO antennas, utamaliza ata 200GB.


Mimi naishi ground floor and I get 50+mbps. But that is because the 4G BTS iko tu hapo nnje ya nyumba surrounded by a few buildings. Naona nikihamia top floor sasa. :grin::grin::grin:


wooow!! uko lucky :grin: mimi ata booster sijui iko wapi :joy::joy:


nimekua kwa forum flani nikaona watu wa Estonia na Romania wakisema wanapataga fibre ya 1Gbps na $10 nikatoka huko mbio… Hii ad JTL wanadai “1000Mbps” ni ukweli?


lakini you guys kwani its a competition to chew bundles? 100GB in a day? because why?