Safaricom Unlimited 4G for 100 bob



It is definitely much more expensive.

I spend <50 bob per month on my Safaricom line. Most of my tunukiwa offers cost 5-20 bob :blush:


Fiber backhauls with giant routers attached to them. You couldn’t ‘misuse’ it if you tried. The amount these people use in a month is what these systems can do in seconds or minutes. It’s like pouring a Coke in the Indian Ocean and expecting the oceans to flood the coastline.


I called them yesterday and they explained they will be limiting the speed and GBs used depending on how busy the cell tower you are using is. Using this idea, the offer may actually survive somehow.


Can we stop treating this offer like it is out of this world? We need more, 300 bob is not a cup of tea to spend on single day bundles for most Kenyans. I am praying Telkom and Airtel deal goes through and something good comes out of it. Data in Kenya is way more expensive when you compare it to what developed countries get. I did some digging and found that in UK you can have unlimited monthly 4g for 17pounds, Finland its about 9 euros for their unlimited offer. Kwa fibre connection, hio ata tusiongee, in US 50Mbps connection averages $30-50 per month… Safaricom 40Mbps goes for 10k! :smirk:


Faiba has been misbehaving lately with network dropping to one bar, I bought the 3 hour safaricom unlimited, I could not do 1080p on youtube kept buffering but 720p worked fine.I used a misery 4.5GB during the 3 hours.
For the 300 bob 24 hours offer safaricom knows there n way you will be online for 24 hours, if line up torrents your speed are reduced, but I hope they keep the offer.


This is true


It also depends on the geographical size of the said country. In small countries mbs are normally cheaper


4.5 GB is also quite cheap for 100 bob


You are part of the solution. Your thinking is part of the reason consumers should not get routinely screwed, and then happily reconcile themselves with it. You are the type of customer that gives Safaricom nightmares because you are demanding more from a telco that has the ability to drive innovation and create more favourable consumer climates.
However, what infuriates me is the idea that Saf is hiding the product deep inside Tunukiwa options, and some self-masochistic consumers users justify the abuse and blame themselves for taking advantage of something that they paid for and was licitly offered to them.


I will start complaining about Safaricom internet the minute Airtel or Telkom upgrade the network in our area from 2G to 3G. Telkom internet speed is 3kb/s, Airtel actually has no internet connectivity. I am satisfied with Safaricom as far as internet is concerned. Meanwhile, I think the Okoa jahazi, airtime calls cahrges and some mshwari charges are extorbitant and compelete ripoffs.


Mimi sijaona hizi tunukiwa unlimited bundles mahali kwa hii line yangu even after trying everyday.I have literary given up on them.Cant they just avail them to everyone instead of targeting it to a few people?


Who is your area MP?


I have tunukiwa bundles but they can’t beat daily data bundles. For me its useless…


Some of these offers appear on the mySafaricom app only.


How often do you buy Safaricom data? And do you use wifi a lot?


I did try this out over the weekend and I did some serious damage. One hour I had already done 5GB plus. Unfortunately, I ran out of ideas and just let windows update for the remainder of the two hours.


I think I really dented my offer over the weekend cuz I used 42GB of data. There was no buffering at 1080p


On my case, 1080p was struggling but I managed to use 10GB


I am loving reading how you guys used up your unlimited data… It’s encouraging


Give it a try.