Safaricom Unlimited 4G for 100 bob



Job yangu pia I use a lot of txts btw


If Faiba could get a sizable chunk of the market this is a better option for the Govt as it is majority locally owned. Vodafone still controls Safaricom so there is that in terms of revenue, security, etc.


If we are talking about reinvestments by JTL owners that will likely benefit the Kenyan economy in the long term, sure. You might have a point.

Anything else, I would probably need some convincing.

Safaricom = 35% of dividends + corporate tax.

JTL = Corporate tax + potential reinvestments.


Has the offer been pulled? I am in a no Faiba 4G area and can’t find the unlimited for 100 Bob option…


nop, mine is still up…


Tunukiwa Specials tend to appear and disappear randomly.


Tailored offers. If you can’t see it today, try tomorrow.