Safaricom Unlimited 4G for 100 bob



Why do I have a feeling they’re daring faiba4G?


Yes they are I like how chill faiba is, no many adverts just a working product where the network is, the pricing is okay and Saf and others are only trying to keep their customers from moving with the many offers, I can’t wait to see the next CA report on the telcos Faiab might be around 500k users or more by now.


have you watched TV lately, mbugua is everywhere claiming “my people will call your people…” :joy::joy::joy: anyway, not many ads as u said


I’m on the road with my big brother and we are reciting that advert repeatedly. Sijui ni uchawi gani hiyo :joy::joy::joy:

But surprisingly many people still confuse Faiba 4G with normal fiber cables. Despite what mbugua is doing, they need to do some advert that will entirely speak about Faiba 4G network bundles and stuff juu people are missing the point with the funny Mr. Mbugua (I hope he won’t sermon me. I’m just a juakali guy).

Unauliza mtu kwani hujaona Mbugua kwa tv na Faiba 4G. Mtu ansema ameona but alithania ni Fiber cables ndiyo wana advertise. So mbugua needs to reduce the laughter and hit the nail on people’s heads.


Av noticed the same, alafu pia they combined both Faiba 4G and Faiba Fibre into one website:, i feel that they should have separated it coz it was kinda confusing the first time i was trying to get the APN settings from their site. Same with the app., there’s FTTH, Faiba to business and Faiba 4G all on the same app


That confusion is what makes it popular so fast… by the way senior members of the society thinks Faiba4g is a product brought by Safaricom due to the Green colour dominance in their adverts and posters… clearly, this has brought a positive impact to Jamii Telecom


:laughing::laughing: hio ad ukua on point…


I should watch more TV, the one I saw last was the 30mbps ile ya simba wa yuda…nyumba,
about safaricom are they having too many products?
-The other postpay
-The easy bundles
-Tv bundles
I also think they confuse the customers, sometime when you do the maths those tunukiwa offers are MB for MB more expensive than the normal *544# bundles or offer less than one percent more bundles.


Maybe you’re right, maybe not


i have not seen this offer…


Before we get into dicussing the rest, what is Karibu?


Safaricom Karibu


:open_mouth::open_mouth: That’s savage Trey,Hehe.
When is bob coming back, I think Saf need to concrete some of this offers to permanent bundles
but seems they are having commitment issues.

  1. You’re a sad, evil and horrible human being
  2. It seems like Safaricom Karibu was discontinued or it just vanished into this air.


hehehe ii si poa ii :joy::joy:


The old postpaid. Mimi nilitoka. I miss it though


I am still on karibu 1000, I think the 1000 minutes, 100mb (pathetic) and the SMS are worth more than the 1k,so I’ll keep it for now.


You use SMS? For what? Ama uko Kamiti?


I presume he’s in between the so called millennial


Haha I actually use quite a number of SMS daily,most of the older guys I work with or for have refused to go digital and I hate calling, most fundis also have kabambes because they lose phones every weekend after they get paid, back to topic NOW