Safaricom Unlimited 4G for 100 bob



Kuuliza tu. There used to be some applications online that would turn torrent files into downloadable zip files. That way, the files becomes like a normal download and not a torrent download.

Are those services still there? They used to be handy back in the days. Took a few seconds to prepare a few GBs of a torrent download into a zip file. Then they allow you to download for free for like five downloads a month. If you need more than that you pay for it.


:joy: yeah, nakumbuka Campo tulikua tunatumia website inaitwa filestream… Torrents were also blocked mpaka ukitumia VPN :cry::joy:. Though filestream was capped at 1gb per file for free user.

Siamini naeza nunua bundles na safaricom ikatae nitumie vile nataka :sob:


Yeah seed boxes, I use one currently that caps at 2GB


For free accounts? I used some from the suggestions in the thread and I looooved the service.


Yeah. Still use it even now. Mine is capped at 4.5GB Though, which is more than handy … I still use it even with home fiber, coz I realised direct downloads are mostly faster than torrent downloads


Which site do you use?


For movies and tv shows, I download from ftp sites by searching on google, index of [name of the movie] and download as a normal file no need for torrent.


Sure. It is the most convenient and easiest way. Or some telegram channels that offer movies. For the latter, if you care about quality, you must avoid anything with HDCAM in the name file; poor video and worst audio quality.


Telegram is a better and faster alternative to indexes. I am talking faster un terms of finding the movie you want not download speeds. Those seed boxes are for those low-key rare quality movies that you are unable to find elsewhere.



If you must pirate, then at least wait for a rip.


I always do. I would rather wait for another few weeks than watch the HDCAM.


“We have introduced some new pricing which includes now free WhatsApp on bundle expiry. So it’s not free WhatsApp, but providing you bought a bundle for a day or for a week then when that bundle is exhausted you will continue to get a scaled down version of WhatsApp. So you don’t’ get video and you don’t get pictures and stuff, but you do get WhatsApp messaging. And you will get that for the unexpired period of the bundle.” Bob Collymore


Now that the media downloads has been outed … is Airtel also playing the same games as Safaricom on the free WhatsApp …Anybody can confirm? From Techweez’s article I can’t see if it’s the case …


Airtel have confirmed that their WhatsApp is completely free and it doesn’t consume your data. However, it only works if you have a data bundle active and will remain so until the expiry of that bundle.


It seems you can save your bundles if they “expired” within a week …atleast for the Gigabundle