Safaricom Unlimited 4G for 100 bob



I have a big problem with Safaricom bundles. I bought the 1GB for 50 valid for 1 hour. Speed was capped at 5Kbps.I only managed to use 53MB in that 1 hour. Hii ni UKora.


Aaaah, & here i thought aty network yangu ndo ilikuwa shida. I bought those tunukiwa bundles a while back & had the same problem with the speed being very slow, I actually thought my phone or network was the problem. Kumbe ni Saf wanathrottle speeds.


I do not know how it operates. I tried it on a simcard with no data. Thought it would open playstore at least but that never happened. I think it is a great offer.


Does anyone know if it is possible to cache Google Play downloads and updates? This might be easy money for Safaricom if it is possible.

You can already cache downloads & updates from Apple, Microsoft, Steam etc. to a local server. Saves a lot of bandwidth.


I normally have speeds of over 4MBPs when using tunukiwa. Call them and complain.


I found out for the unlimited app downloads is only active when you have another data bundle active.


For those with complains I would also advise {as @wizmelavin} you to follow up with Saf about the issue. I usually buy the 2GB 1hr for busty large file downloads. I finish the 2 Gigs in about 30 to 45 min …


They might save a pretty penny doing that if they could but it’s not possible, info on the interwebs indicates the play store delivers updates over https so it’s not possible to cache stuff. Most game stores like steam do the user authentication and secure stuff over https but deliver the actual download on plain http so thats why it’s possible to cache the download on a local server and serve it up to other users requesting the same data. Probably why apple and microsoft do the same is to enable sysadmins save bandwidth by distributing caching updates on the lan.


I think Safaricom still throttles torrents. It will download everything else with at least 3 MBps but crawl on torrents (max 100 KBps). I complained to them on twitter last week and they did not respond.

Also, guys on Blaze, have you noticed that Safaricom nowadays does not notify us on whether data or credit is being depleted?? :thinking:


There’s a thread on how you can use seeders to avoid this problem.


Please direct me to that thread… Cuz in my case it’s not an issue of seeders considering the fact that the same torrents download with at least 1MBps on Faiba.

You can’t have a file with over 3k seeders downloading with significantly different speeds on two carriers, unless one is messing with speeds :smirk:

Most likely safaricom deprioritizes those using torrents to “avoid” a possibility of poor service on others using the same base station. But it should know that either way, bundles are not unlimited.


On home fibre i have not noticed any throttling of the torrents i have downloaded.


Am not talking about fibre. This is about data bundles. Did you see the part where I said “not unlimited?”


Guys, I have officially confirmed safaricom throttles torents. I used a VPN on torrents with speeds of 50KBps and it’s now around 2MBps… :joy::joy: Safaricon it is


To be clear, the Data Throttling is on the Mobile Data Offerings and not on the Fiber Users. Which is funny coz like someone said, mobile data is not unlimited. Hence you should be allowed to download as much as you can pay for …


Exactly my point, now someone gets it! @martingicheru can you ask safaricom why it does this? :thinking:


I torrent using Safaricom fibre on both my home and office (network admin perks :wink:) links.

If anyone is restrictive then its Airtel. Having port 22 blocked by default is plain dumb.


For the second time, not fibre, the limited data bundles.


I acknowledge that much. And I just might test your theory in the morning.

For science :sunglasses:


I believe you are talking about “seed boxes” rather.