Safaricom Unlimited 4G for 100 bob



With the new data bundles the surprise bonus is no longer there. For those not aware, if you were upsold the 50 bob 350mb+350sms bundle you actually got 700mb instead.


We’ve seen that Safcon is unable to provide real value for power users - like Techweez forum members. 25GB for 3K? With that money I can get Faiba 4G 25GB @ 1K, 125GB Telkom Night Owl @ 1K (25 days for bigger downloads) and UnlimiNET 1K

They could have at least tried having their Platinum 1K match UnlimiNET 1K. Unlimited SMS will not connect people to the internet and should not even be a product offering as it costs a telco NOTHING to send them!


I was a huge fan of Safcom’s 350 mb @50 bob. I was shocked to learn that it’s no longer there so I switched back to Telkom’s 500mb at 49 bob. Me and safcom bundles are done for good. Too much inconsisteny.


I think Safaricom is the new Telkom when the company had just re-branded. They made dumb decisions but I’m more than happy that I even use them more than Faiba 4G nowadays.

Safaricom is now a huge pile of sh*t. Wacha tu tubaki na Mpesa.


Nangoja tu ka proxy ka kubypass hio free whatsapp for unlimited internet.


Nilisoma mahali that the free WhatsApp comes into play when one finishes their bundles


Yes that’s true. Ata after nilisoma wording nilisuspect that. Wamesema unlimited WhatsApp AFTER your bundle runs out. Telkom on the other hand offers free whatsapp while the bundle is still active. In summary safaricoms offer is just a load of bs. Telkom 10GB per month at 1000 or 3GB at 500 is still the better option for a power user. I use the 3GB and I don’t exhaust it. Whatsapp free 50 MB per day plus 6am to 8am more free 50 MB renewing every day.


This kicks in after your data bundle is exhausted, and at slower speeds than when in-bundle. You get to access both text and media downloads.


I’m also not seeing the 10GB for 1k weekly bundle. This was my go to bundle when at shagz. Wameharibu.


Thanks to (many?) users such as yourself who expressed their disquiet about the removal, the offer seems to be back.

Then there is this comment:

Safaricom has recently stated that they are currently using data and AI (artificial intelligence) to develop products around each customer making them relevant for each individual depending on how they consume Safaricom services, but maybe this was a test on the judgement of this AI.

I don’t believe this had anything to do with AI or product customization and instead was an attempt at upselling you to buy more data than you need - if for example, a company notices customers use 700MB of data a day, a package will be created for 500MB & 1GB respectively. Try save money with the 500MB and you’ll end up buying it twice, Try buying 1GB and you’ll be left with 300MB that you can’t utilize therefore overpaying.

Either way you look at it, you are still paying for data you will never use. I can imagine people who were using 1GB @ 99 now having to pay (500MB +500 SMS + WhatsApp @ 99) x 2 = KES 200 to access THE SAME AMOUNT OF DATA they were using before.


Calls & SMS won’t connect people to the internet and it’s strange that a company which splashes misleading ‘4G+’ ad signs all over Nairobi (that Sonko will [hopefully?] soon ban, THANK GOODNESS) telling users to ‘Do Things Faster’ would then insist on a throttled WhatsApp experience :unamused:


waaaaa… i have confirmed watu ni wazee hapa most of u are above 26yrs so u cant fit the target market ya saf blaze has the real deal it competes airtel and offers even better bundles but i refuse to buy this crap mimi na saf is a no i love how they get jealous when i use my airtel line and keep sending me prompts that i have no active bundle after every call and bundle buying from airtel.


Why do I feel like you are assuming your age is static? :thinking::grin:, Utazeeka tu :smirk:.
Anyway, I currently use blaze (1gb, 200 sms, WhatsApp, for 100bob). Not a bad deal.


I don’t think the blaze is restricted to age, or maybe I was lucky. I can subscribe to blaze bundles yet am a couple years more than 26.


Na nani amekuambia i wanna stay young forever i enjoy growth everyday but here i was just giving my observation not condemning growth


So you young guys, do you get kicked out of blaze once you are out of the age bracket ama they let you stay


They let you stay.


Looks like there’s a new data product on Safaricom. Anyone with information on it?


Tunukiwa offers have also been modified.



@AbuyasLife subscribe the 20 bob offer and download a few games like pubg mobile, games are almost 2gb+ nowadays. I also wonder which app stores are included in the pass or it’s just the play store?


Yes, we need some to verify the “unlimited” part.