Safaricom Unlimited 4G for 100 bob



Look at this, it’s like the sweets at the supermarket checkout


You’re among the few disadvantaged by Saf


The only bad thing about that DEAL data is sometimes it gets you 3 hours limit or 1 hour. You don’t get to choose so I consider it crap


Is it back? it disappeared on my side since the word cup :thinking:


It pops up sometimes under AMAZING DATA


I haven’t seen it for months…


With your dislike for Safaricom, I am not surprised!


Currently we are using Telkom Owl bundle 5GB for 39 also 10GB for 1000 as the monthly bundle. This is for those without Faiba.


Once in a while I buy bundles and let others use my SIM to browse via hotspot just to see if that influences what offers you get.

So they removed the most valuable offering (to me) but left the other mostly unused stuff?

If you wanted further evidence of not putting customers needs first, then here’s one more example.


Airtel UnlimiNET 2K monthly & Telkom Night Owl for me. Telkom speeds are slower on weekdays but it’s enough to browse, work and stream the basics.

Online gaming is still tedious with such speeds, and downloading ‘4K Enhanced Games’ is a multi day project :expressionless:


For those of us where only the green machine has 4g, we use easy30 at 3500 a month.


Yes, techweez covered this over a month back here. They are on top of things like that. But just a word of caution, it doesn’t appear every time so don’t go relying on it to tide you over a wifi-less day.

Btw, if you buy the one for 30 and get the upsold to the 50 bob one, check your data balance and you’ll find a nice surprise :sunglasses:


How is your experience since?


I can confirm the nice surprise is still there :grin:


Unlimited WhatsApp? :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Safcom keeps on messing with your thought process for buying bundles… Before the worldcup there was the unlimited 4G 3 hrs and 24 hrs for 100 /= and 300 =/ respectively.

There were rumours that the bundle would return after the bundle disappeared due to the offerings for streaming the world cup matches that replaced the offerings. It never came to be and the only viable option was 10 Gigs at 1000/= a week. :triumph::angry:

Also Unlimited WhatsApp? For what? Does anybody per day or dare I say even a month exceed a gigabyte using WhatsApp? :weary:

Lets continue to play the game of choosing the bundle :thinking:


Still not enough change to make me leave Faiba, the Same 1,000 can get me 25GB instead of 5GB, Their 25 GB at 3,000/- is equal to my current Faiba consumption of 75GB for 3,000/-.
Sometime when out of faiba zones I dial *544# go through it and decide to hell with saf.


What are the terms for this Unlimited WhatsApp? It might work for them in retaining youthful customers that WhatsApp the most. But for data hogs like most of us here that is a pass.


Oh quick question, anyone still n karibu postpay? do they still give you the 100mb for a month bundle? has it been affected by the change? it’s been almost 2 years since i left it.


Nothing had changed as at yesterday. The change will probably be known at the beginning of the month.