Safaricom Unlimited 4G for 100 bob



…and its gone.


Mine went took off this morning. Seems no more unlimited.


I think till after world cup, that iflix money has to come through


Now that the Unlimited 4G is gone, which options are you using? Which other network comes close? Forget about the owl bundle from telkom, looking for 24Hrs heavy usage alternative that’s affordable.


despite that it is limited and speeds are sub-par, Faiba is still the best option tbh


Still on Airtel Postpaid Unlimited. Contract is ending this coming month n we thinking of switching to Safaricom Fibre since we can’t go back to buying bundles, unlimited is a way of life now. Was hoping Faiba would launch unlimited 4G but ow well


Faiba wanapima hali ya hanga ya data then they strike.


The most wierd thing happened. I woke up and found my phone has 4G. I am asking around and everyone has 4G(ni shagz deep). Maybe safaricom is expanding to counter the effect of kina Telkom.


Where is your shags? I thought mimi kwetu ni mwisho wa dunia but we’ve had Safaricom 4G Since 2016.


Technically the big market near my shagz (Chogoria, Meru) has had 4G ever since I started buying 4G phones which is 2016. The problem was our home 5KM from that said market, an even smaller market with probably not more than 30 4G enabled phones.


They probably started using the 800mhz band. Does your phone support the 800mhz?


yes it does though you have to explain more on that. I only understand that it can go farther than other bands


You said it. This is the explanation that matters. Safaricom initially launched LTE on the 1800Mhz which isn’t as good -in terms of coverage- as the 800Mhz. If you have a Samsung (not sure whether it works on all Samsung devices) run this code ; *#0011#. You’ll be able to tell the band in use.


only works on samsung


There really isn’t another option. 1TB for 24 hours is a lot of Streaming/Movies/Music/Gaming/Cloud Uploads

This is a value for money product that I am going to miss… :frowning_face:


World Cup is over… Let’s see if Unlimited 4G will return in place of GIGA Football Pass


If it’s going to be offered in the same selective manner, I for one hope its stays gone :smiling_imp: . Even showmax was emailing me about it and yet it’s not available to everyone.


:sweat_smile:This stuff should make a comeback.

especially if you don’t have fibre at your place, hii ilikuwa mambo yote


Crafty safaricom hiding cheaper offers in the final step of buying bundles, I am outside faiba coverage areas, decided to buy 150 mb for 50 bob at the final step they offer 500 mb for 70 bob, upselling 500mb is cheaper at 70 bob than 150 mb at 150


i have never seen any safaricom unlimited 4G offer on my line since it started :frowning: