Safaricom Unlimited 4G for 100 bob



saf just removed the 100 for me, sadly hio ya 300 mfuko haiwezi

They trying me😒


Unlimited 100bob is gone for me too after updating the app


Probably blame the numerous streaming bundles currently on offer. Kwese, Startimes and DSTV.


I’m thinking the same thing.


Also unlimited 100 gone.


I see they are working out the bugs and the beta is expanding.


Both my unlimited 4G options have been gone since Friday…


Yeah it’s gone, probably they don’t want people to use safaricom to stream football from other free sites online. They need that iflix money. But we have Faiba :grin:


I understand its coming back this week, so we should be okay.


I still have the 24hrs option


Me too, its available


I have the 24hr option @300, downloaded over 180gb of data in protest over the weekend.


My unlimited 4G for 3 hours is gone too


Was there in the morning but not in the evening when I reached home


Hahaha ati in protest?


The 24 hours option is back…


Who else thinks Safaricom has a Techweez Forums account?


I talked to someone at Safaricom for this feedback.


Why kwani what happened?:sweat_smile:


Mine disappeared for good. Can’t understand why.