Safaricom Unlimited 4G for 100 bob



So I bring to your attention Safaricom 4G for 100 bob. “It’s like the Uber for streaming movies” :smile: :smile:

It’s under Tunukiwa, dial * 444*1# and you should see option 2 if you have a 4G device.
For 100 bob you get unlimited 4G for 3 hours. The noise about it is yet to be made so questions about what speeds to expect and whether there is FUPs will either be on our discovery or we wait to find out from them.

Now what I feel about this is that it’s a good opportunity for video streaming. Think about it, for 3 hours you can stream a football match in FHD on 4G. Or it could be a weekend of movies/series. 100 for 3 hours is like 300 for 9 hours. This is binge watching.

Let’s try this out. I will share my feedback on the same.

Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!

I wish I had checked earlier(like yesterday). I’m at shags and Safaricom is the only option for buffer free streaming( 4g is available). I had to buy bundles to stream a UFC event. The unused portion will probably expire once I get back to my place since I have their FTTH. I’ll definitely be using this unlimited option.


Pole, I should have posted this update yesterday when I learnt about it, but it was in the middle of me doing some work, so I forgot. But yes, it does have it’s use.


In fact I was just about to post it. Can we call it Mafisi Hours?? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


You should have read this, 14 hours ago.


aauuuii… wacha nieke kazi zote kando kwanza… hapa sasa ina determine uko na simu gani (wenye 4g radio yenu kwa simu ni CAT 1 mtalilia mbali :joy::joy::joy: ) na kama kuna FUP… hope they maintain this offer every day, especially weekends and every evening of the weekday…


Wanajua watu wengi ni Cat 1, 2, & 3 :joy::joy::joy:


Hehe, yes I should have.


just checked tunukiwa 4g unlimited and i think its capped at 11gb… nimetumia around one gb and checking the balance naona 100345 mb remaining ( i think iko in mbs to make it seem bigger). (fyi, checking balance will disconnect your data since hii query ya *444 doesnt work on 4g).


Only JTL can hack that since they have VoLTE. The rest have to channel via 3G.

Thats 100GB, can you confirm the figure you got?


ooh, yeah 100… sorry


Tried it. Got 102 GB.


Wonders will never cease. This is a surprise coming from Safaricom.


For sure., could it be competition shaking them up. Safcom has always been good at getting us online but fails at keeping us there, coz of the small bundle allocations., then again 100GB for 3 hours…
Ok i don’t know what to make of this lakini long live whatever it is that’s motivating them to bring this offer :smiley:


So bought mine, only unlimited for one hour @50 was available to me. I wasn’t able to check balance but I consistently had 52mbps down.


I also have the same offer. I use the line to receive calls and 2FA codes mostly.

Heavy/Moderate Safaricom users have the 100/= for 3 hours offer. Light users have the 50/= for 1 hour one.


Seems Safaricom is feeling the pinch from Faiba4G might be small but semi heavy users have migrated and continuing to migrate to faiba with the few complainants and almost the same speeds.
Is the tunukiwa an offer or a permanent bundle? wish they had stuck with the 4G double data.
But not to be fair safaricom is still the better option, I can stream online radio from Mombasa to laikipia with no issues.


Tunikiwa ni offers tu They’ll revise them. Nashuku ni testing wanafanya before they change bundle pricing. The one they had for calls walitoa. Helped me for like a week.


Maybe I missed it but I didn’t see any discussion of the Safaricom dominance report on the forum. One of the recommendations was that Safaricom should cease individually tailored offers since they are a tool targeted especially to dual/multi sim individuals to encourage subscribers to continue using a Safaricom sim and meet certain vague targets to qualify.

Prohibition on individually tailored loyalty schemes and promotions. Safaricom may not offer
loyalty bonuses or promotions for which the qualification criteria require different levels of
expenditure or usage by different subscribers in the same category.


From a thread posted here a few months ago

The Kenyan government won’t let that happen without putting up a fight. They are the major shareholder and earn so much from Safaricom.

Last financial year, the government earned Sh 31.26 BILLION from Safaricom

Sh 17.66 billion in taxes
Sh 13.6 billion in dividends
That is 1.36% of last year’s budget.

That number seems to be going up every year.

This year they’ve already made 13 Billion + during the ownership transfer. Dividends and taxes are still due. Safaricom’s revenue is up since last year FYI.

Very few companies (if any) in the world can claim to cover 1%+ of a country’s budget.

The dominance report suggestions, if implemented, will likely reduce Safaricom’s profitability. No one wants that.

Recently, the consultants conducting the study revised their position on splitting Safaricom. They now recommend that Safaricom stops on-net discounts and individually tailored loyalty schemes.