Safaricom Sasa: Smart Speaker/MiFi - Supports Swahili/Sheng


Well well well. Let me leave it here.


U sure this ain’t an April fools thing :smiley:


yeah, please do :joy::joy:. Mwenye alifanya hii photoshop maze, just cuz ni April Fool’s, hangecopy some cheap chinese brands… That thing looks sooo cheap :joy::joy: ange edit Homepod.


These devices have an always on microphone, whatever it may, not buying one period.


What are you hiding?


I found this to be quite obvious… However, maybe it’s a product Safaricom should consider actually working on.


Actually, they published an article about it yesterday. So not sure if that qualifies for April fools. But well, 50" TV free for every purchase of the Safaricom home :joy::joy::joy:


They( Safaricom and partners) can hardly get an internet box right. I think it would be a major fail. I think it would be something like this.


Not everyone is comfortable giving out every single detail about their life. Some people value their privacy.

An assistant requires huge sets of data to work well. I will let you guess where they will get this from.

Also, Safaricom is, sought of, a state-owned company. It never ends well when companies of that caliber have access to multitudes of data on its users.

This would be one giant slippery slope.


Those who watched MKBHD’s April Fool’s joke on Bixby speaker…that vid was lit :joy::joy::joy: bixby was cursing and calling Google assistance for help… I wonder how Samsung allowed such a joke by a top influencer… since they are allegedly working on smart speaker :joy::joy::joy:


There will be a lot of confusion when the actual thing comes out. :joy::joy:

Anyway, he can do anything he wants. Free speech.

Worst case scenario, they don’t work with him again in the future but I think he’ll do just fine.


They can’t dictate what MKBHD can and can’t do. Also, I don’t think Samsung will skip working with MKBHD for their smart speaker if it ever launches. They might just use the video to make sure it can do all the thnings he’s trolled them on.