Safaricom OUTAGE!


I didn’t know this is what was happening. Nilishinda nikirestart vitu huku nikachoka nikaenda kulala :rofl:


Passed by the place and alarms were blaring with doors opened. The site is located between Daystar and Total petrol station.
I could receive very weak signals (4G) which were unusable.


Guys, I thought we all used Faiba and Telkom…? :joy::joy::joy: didn’t know this was happening, I was on Telkom and Faiba yesterday :grin:


:smile: my phone is a dual SIM and Safaricom is on SIM Slot 2 purely for their Mpesa services i.e. Sending and Receiving money, Paying bills and buying stuff via Lipa na Mpesa, buying Telkom airtime :japanese_ogre: etc. I had to notice the infamous Safaricom outage coz it cut me short in the middle of streaming a documentary on Youtube TV. (i’m subscribed to their Home Fibre) so naturally i picked up my phone to dial Home Fibre Customer Care line 400 (it’s free) but noticed Sim Slot 2 (Safaricom) network signal was completely empty. I logged into Twitter and Techweez Forums via Telkom Internet kuzusha.


Hehe mee too thee days safaricom just keeps spamming my inbox with bundle offers, saf line is for buying telkom airtime


To my understanding, there were still guys with network issues even yesterday…