Safaricom OUTAGE!


Is anyone else experiencing this? No internet connectivity for the past one hour, and apparently for the first time ever dialing customer care 100 goes mteja, go on try it


Yeah, I tried calling.


Some of us rarely call, unless reminded to. And when you don’t need Mpesa, and have a WiFi connection, we’re mostly good.


The outage is official. Safaricom says they are working to resolve the issue


are people on GPON / FE on safaricom also off? Im miffed at what could possibly be happening.


Safcom fibre has been okay,at least on my side,that is


24th APRIL 2017

We wish to notify the public that starting from 9:30 am today, we experienced a system outage affecting a number of core services in our network. This outage affected Voice, Data, SMS, M-PESA and Enterprise services.

We have identified the root cause of the outage and are working to resolve this in the shortest time possible. In the meantime, Voice, Data, SMS, M-PESA and Enterprise services will be available intermittently until the issue is fully resolved.

We will continue to update customers on the progress to restore services. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Bob Collymore
Chief Executive Officer




Well this happens to all servers, worldwide. My small server gets 80 attempts a day.


Speaking of hacking, just how do people hack Mpesa PINS?


Hacking is basically guessing a password or PIN. Once you are in, field day for you.


Ha! They’re crying just because of 10,000 daily hacking attempts? I didn’t think I’d ever call Safaricom a small fish but I am now. They simply need better IT guys. If they got on the radar of real hacker groups they’d go belly up in a day.


Hacking M-Pesa pins is not really hacking but a form of identity theft. They trick the owner of the phone number to divulge personally identifiable information and use it to clone their SIM card.


Here we go again, Safaricom network kaput, no mobile network or Safaricom Fibre as at 7:55pm in Rongai area. I’ve called a friends Safaricom line in Meru na imeingia using my Telkom line. Ruai area is also good. Any other area experiencing this outtage apart from Rongai?


It’s now 9:28PM and still no Network, according to the email below the situation is critical


Yes uku Meru tuko sawa sijanotice any outage today, except ya Airtel which hiyo huwa inakua out 24/7


Man,niko LA na nimenotice that outage,what the fuck?..calls werent going through,home fibre was down…fuck,even customer care…nothing,fuck…i have never seen anything like this.


:smile: what about Telkom? how is its Network strength in Meru?

Leo watu wamejua umuhimu wa kukua na Simcard mbili :joy:


I restarted my phone 5 times. Didn’t know this.


Telkom 2G iko most places. 4G iko Nkubu na Meru Town. 3G iko chogoria and probably that’s it. Network huwa ina drop to 2G ukiingia kwa nyumba most of the times so lazima utumie ile app ya ku force 3G.