Safaricom Music Streaming App - Songa



Even if spotify was available locally, the best paid service in Kenya is Deezer imo. Its ksh500/month, it has over 50 million tracks (meaning any song you search you are very likely to find it), and it has excellent sound.

In comparison, spotify has 30 million plus tracks, is $9.99, and you need vpn to sign up in kenya… if you need paid version it’s another hustle.

The only good thing about spotify is once you play a particular track, it knows exactly what songs to play next… ie, music discovery algorithm is excellent on spotify imo.


From an outside perspective, a Songa interview with Techweez should have been a priority for the product manager & marketing team. As an aspiring techie, not a week goes by when I’m not asked ‘what’s the best site to download music from these days?’ and as you probably guessed, Songa has never been a recommendation.

For any app developer in Kenya, forming a relationship with Techweez readers is key to identifying their true 1,000 fans - proactively opening an account, starting a topic, answering questions (not just when you’re alerted by someone else), opening demos. If as a reader I can understand how much value Songa gives vs telling someone to click a link and download music (or use a silicon valley app) then I’d definitely recommend it. Targeting techies has long term benefits like:

  • Techies are responsible for setting up piped music in many offices, maybe even some malls. If employees learn all the tracks they listen to comes from Songa, then that’s marketing safcon doesn’t have to do.

  • DJs & Sound Professionals are techies. Songa winning them over means they’re more likely to recommend it as a platform for their listeners/artists - be it at events, clubs, even non-traditional markets like churches. Think of how many times a DJ plugs in their name on a mix, that’s one more time Songa could be mentioned.

  • Matatus & BodaBoda’s get their mixes from DJs so that’s trickle down marketing - some matatu drivers have let me copy their mixes after dropping off all passengers. If these were available on Songa, I’d just use their discovery feature to identify the DJ & follow them on the app

  • Ride sharing partners play music off their flash drives. Songa could be an alternative. A driver pays 5/- and downloads all the music they’ll play for that day, marketing Songa to each passenger.

King/Queen For A Day - Sponsored Playlists

NB: This has happened when Fenamenal sponsored a playlist where those who listened could win prizes

Ride sharing companies could even run sponsorships in partnership with Songa - Taxify could sponsor:

  1. A sundowner playlist for drivers whose passengers have had a long day/want to relax
  2. Party Playlist to riders in the mood for a hyped event
  3. Giveaway playlist - Prizes for those with the highest listens/shares of the lists music (cheaper than giving out 5 iPhone Xs)

Advertising Songa on radio could work for creating mass awareness, but that’s like selling your homemade popcorn at the movies - will make some buzz & people will talk about it, but it won’t really go far. Advertising on the mysafaricon app - like how candy crush advertises its other games would be more effective (maybe this is happening but I haven’t noticed, only seen eatout, events, fuel & tunukiwa offers & given how tunukiwa bundles are selective in what people see, maybe their promotions are too).

When I open the mysafaricon app, this is what I see:


Haven’t been able to install Songa on a rooted device so it could have support for Google’s default DRM. It would be irresponsible for safcon to allow local storage without DRM for a pirate haven market such as Kenya (tuseme tu ukweli)

Something to consider is leveraging a universal platform - like Universal Windows Apps API - which would give them an edge over international streaming platforms. This would make their app instantly available on all windows machines through their app stores - maybe even bundled by select manufacturers - and help them understand the platform to figure out how to make a PS4 version & leverage the console gaming community. How about Songa as an app on their set top boxes or in partnership with ‘smart tvs’’ targeted at the lower consumer end?


After waiting so long to give you an interview, here’s hoping they give you more value than just a biggest telco, MPESA partnership, we’re ‘the best’ sales pitch. They (probably?) have other marketing options they’re involved in but those aren’t working for (someone like?) me & if we have to write about it here in this way, then I may not be the only one who thinks this way.


You can get Apple music in Kenya starting at around 10 USD a month.


It’s $4.99 for individual, 2.99 for student and 7.99 for family.