Safaricom Music Streaming App - Songa



The pricing is wrong. They should have let you buy individual albums/singles not subscription. Itaflop ka viusasa


Got the same too “Item isn’t available on your carrier”!!

Ok, after subscribing with a Saf line, can I still use the app without it?


Downloaded without using Safaricom’s internet. Anyway, here you go;

Songa by Safaricom v1.0.2

MEGA link -!gwsGEQJK!SJFeC-u9dqjPEum3zg6R8vcQm5CVMbodwfTGyWjfTpY

Zippyshare link -

Nofile io link-

MD5 -> F6C862F21259A9ADE966ED7C2BAE37A4

SHA-1 -> 0227561893E86A127694C6DC88E5DFF7108C2A89

SHA256 -> 3D4DE145860E6663DD9B4E61C907770097D3443140F819F84BBBF0BF3FA72ECE


Much appreciated. Couldn’t download cause of the carrier issue


I noticed this too. The app starts acting up when you deny it location access.


Am not falling for this safaricom Songa wacha wasonge na bob mimi Pascal sisongi ng’o


I have revoked permissions will be uninstalling too. Why does a music app want to know my location, make calls, read texts and contacts?


Me too, looks like it cant work without location permission


Its scary. :smile:


I didn’t get that location request when signing up.


Are you really using a phone without Android Marshmallow (6.0) or higher?


Android 5.1


Last month I was online protesting against Xiaomi with my fellow internet warriors when they pulled the Android Oreo update.

Anyway, runtime app permissions were introduced in Android 6.0.

If you already have the app, you accepted all permissions on Google Play after clicking the ‘Install’ button.


Anyway I really don’t have an issue with the app accessing my info.


So in Android 6 and higher you can deny some permissions and allow others?


Yes. Most apps work fine without all the permissions they ask for.

Songa does not need to know your location inorder to work. It is just unnecessary.

The same goes for the SMS and phone permissions. We can type our phone numbers and verification codes.


Okay. I was wondering why you guys were talking of denying location requests as if you could do it separately(i.e thought the app was asking for location services separately akin to how apps like Uber request you to enable location services. That I didn’t get when installing). Mine asked for all permissions at once. So had no choice but to accept for it to install.


@SamuelN Lucky you


Lucky? How?


You having no issue with apps accessing your info.