Safaricom Music Streaming App - Songa



Dont’ be surprised if Safaricom makes browsing Masoko free of charge. It is a Safaricom service right?

I agree with you on this @General. Such a move is so anti-competitive. I’m sure that Safaricom Beatz will offer free streaming or something closer to that.

Like I said sometimes back. Safaricom is not into building startups but its after killing them. Expect something like Safaricom Manyumba soon!


This is insightful. Thanks for the lesson and I will be on the lookout for such trends now that it has come to my view.


Don’t hold your breath


:grinning::grinning: Hata SafaricomTV might be on the way. I don’t trust their creativity!


Si already tuko na digital box ya Safaricom? Hapo ndio start.


It’s just a matter of time. They have resources. Noticed Viusasa is using Amazon Web Services. Now since Safaricom has resources locally, things might change soon.

I think the Quail mentality is what Safaricom has become of late.


They don’t have innovative team really but copy pasting experts!


What’s the name of the app…Safaricom beatz?


I really think if well implemented this can be a really nice thing for kenyan artistes and also kenyans, I know many friends and family who stream music from Itunes, amazon, spotify and even radio most complain about not getting local music and if available they only get one single out of an album,
a god example is if I want a song by katito boys band, or kiarutara bys band, where can I get this music, sauti sol etc are available everywhere but the rest will benefit from this.


This is a new perspective that we haven’t gotten before…


I understand they did apply for a broadcast TV license sometime back before BigBox was launched.


How did this go?


Your prayers were answered. It’s Safaricom Songa. An “african” name like ya’ll wanted it.

The Blaze version is known as Blaze Beatz.


I saw this advert but ikiisha. I have been searching for that app everywhere since then… iko wapi?


That’s why I was asking about the name. I saw the songa ad too on YouTube.


just got the app says it might be unstable and it’s un-released version
Heh rates are 25 bob daily, 150 weekly and 499 bob monthly, wonder if kenyans will pick this up
The app crashes very much sill needs alot of work, nice interface with thumnails pics, lets see


wow, I tried to download this app…and guess what, I need Safaricom bundles to have it :joy::joy::joy: HERE IS TO ANOTHER APPLE COPYCAT! you need everything Safaricom to use this app. But luckily, I ain’t falling for that trap Safaricom, sorry.


What is up with Safaricom apps wanting your location information.

MySafaricom app asks for it during startup but at least it works without it.

This app does not even start without the location permission.


hahah :joy: sorry… maybe they need to know where their adverts are most effective


For those who have downloaded the app without being carrier restricted, send the APK we try it. We all have Safaricom numbers but don’t use their data.