Safaricom is trying to be like Nokia of old


Whaaat :smiley: at least from my side I see the guy is good…well at least with regard to the job and not with the stories in the blogs :joy:. But i ageee with @deewinc Bitange Ndemo’s impact was much much more than Mucheru’s has been so far


Mine used to be for Mpesa only but I figured I didn’t need it even for Mpesa. If anyone wants to Mpesa me I tell them to use pay bill and it goes directly into my Equitel. From there I can send it anywhere else or just keep it there coz it’s a savings account anyways. I chopped up that Safcom SIM card months ago and burnt that bridge. Safcom nimewatoka and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


This is great. I use it too.


You should tell us how to do this.


To receive Mpesa to your Equity bank account you must have an Equitel line which you can get for free at any Equity bank branch. Once you have the Equitel SIM card you can use Equity’s paybill number to receive Mpesa. If someone wants to send you money via Mpesa, tell them to use paybill.

Business number = 247247
Account = your Equitel phone number (eg. 0764XXXXXX)

The money is credited directly to your Equity bank account. The charges are the same as sending it directly to your Safaricom phone number or even less depending on the amount.


You can also send directly to a bank account without the need of being subscribed to Equitel. Just punch in the account number. But that is risky affair. All those numbers ni stress.


Oh, I didn’t know that. Maybe copy-paste can reduce some of the risk if typing an account number wrong.


So I need an Equity bank account? Acha tu. I will wait for interoperability and continue using my Airtel Money account


I just realized how off topic we were. Hii yetu inafaa kuwa kwa general discussion.


Don’r worry, @martingicheru will never realize we deviated.


What are you doing mentioning him? Sasa umemuita! But it’s all good. I know he’s watching already. Why do you dislike Equity bank?


Corporate color, their branches are ugly AF, that logo is depressing, lines, lines, lines.

  • Arrogant management and even more arrogant tellers.
  • Overworked underpaid employees
  • Their ATM’s often swallow cards. Other times they give you a withdraw error, you don’t get your money but its deducted from your account
  • Their PDQs are legit THE WORST IN KENYA. Nakumatt Global & DTB advised me not to use my cards on them as i was spending every weekend in Q4 2014 filling out claim forms after they erroneously deducted my money.

I wish PayPal would open up its partnership to other banks, Airtel & Telkom or even supermarkets like Nakumatt, given how many people use its cards.


I must be so lucky none of those things happened to me. I dislike the queues but I go to the bank like once every 3 months - I do everything with Equitel or the app. I used to work online and the PayPal withdrawal worked without a hitch. But I never used expedited withdrawal. Maybe sasa imekuwa worse but I haven’t used it for years.


After reading these reasons, mine seem petty but I am glad my dislike of their colors drew me away from such torture.


I still use their PayPal service. It is amazing since they launched the new service. It takes exactly 3 days to have your money. Never had a delay.

Isn’t the bank supposed to approach PayPal instead of the other way around? Equity relied on First National Bank from South Africa before partnering with PayPal.

This is true. Their ATMs run out of money, especially in smaller towns. The Nairobi ones are always loaded.

Their Pretty Damn Quicks??? On a serious note, what is a PDQ? :slight_smile:


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