Safaricom Internet Is Down 🤔


Not network failure but deliberate fiber cuts that lead to network failure. Those cables did not cut themselves.

So after Safaricom was busted the other day over mpesa fraud ( and they embarked on investigations leading to the arrest of one of their employees.

But come to think of it, one employee can’t manage the nationwide simswap-mpesa fraud thing. There must be a number of insiders. The other day Safaricom fired mpesa staff over the same issue (

So how do these guys or the remaining ones fight back to distract investigations? Sabotage the network and direct the attention elsewhere. My thoughts though.


Labda walitumwa ndio tusahau masaibu ya Okash.


Heh, thanks man, leo ndo nimejua niko nyuma when it comes to news, this is the first time naskia kuhusu this scam, i think i’ve seen it mentioned somewhere before but i thought it was all a joke, kumbe it’s this serious. What makes it worse- & very worrisome- is that some of Saf’s employees are the ones facilitating this scam, which means it’s so easy for these guys to get to anyone.


What did you expect after eating all the brownies?


All the evidence points towards social engineering attacks. In this case network downtime for whatever reason actually hurts the “fraud cartels”.

Blink twice if the cartels got to you too :grin:


Actually shifting attention elsewhere so they can put up a plan B is ideal in this case. Already someone is on their tracks. At this point it’s better to spoil and lose everything than let your ass rot in jail.


That is a plausible theory, I will admit that much. But until proven otherwise I shall remain sceptical.


Man,these cartels have evolved bana,some chiq the other day called me and tried to social engineer me bana,her giveway was she implied my bank branch was a different branch which got me off and i decided to hang up asap and call my bank through the official support line.It got me thinking how vulnerable we can be to these kinds of attacks.


Am still trying to figure out the underling exploit, but another day, a lady tried to do the same with my saf line. Funny enough, she claimed that I call a specific number often (she was right and wrong, it was my chics number but she has changed for almost an year now). The thing I didn’t know was why she needed to log into mysafaricom app.