Safaricom Internet Is Down 🤔


So for most of you who’ll read this when net comes back up, Safaricom experienced an internet outage the morning of 22 July 2018. This Internet outage not only affected mobile subscribers but hit all the way home with Safaricom Fibre being down, government sites hosted on the Safaricom platform such as , and the treasury website experiencing downtime as well. Not to mention Safaricoms own website


As per the last tweet they made before I noticed the outage. It began at 9.36am


Amazing how I can miss internet outage on Safaricom. I hardly use Safaricom for internet. Good thing those guys take a few hours to resolve such issues.


Yup, the whole of Rongai has no safaricom internet, be it mobile or faiba. I was forced to look for my JTL Faiba modem (found it na iko na vumbi ajab) which suprisingly still has functional airtime coz its the one i’m using to access the Internet and write this - kwani JTL airtime hainanga expiry date? Coz the last time i used it siezi kumbuka.

In other news mtu anisaidie USSD Codes of buying net from Orange, sorry Telkom line. Pia hiyo nimeitafuta na kupanguza vumbi. And i just noticed my Airtel line got recycled so i’m now stuck with JTL and Telkom lines for internet.


I’m using Telkom at the moment. I would’ve expected them to have solved it within an hour at least with intermittent connectivity coming back but it’s hitting 3 hours now. Large retail tills aren’t accepting Mpesa cause they can’t get return messages from the Saf Mpesa API. I can’t even swipe my card now. :roll_eyes:


Would’ve directed you to but the Mpesa API iko affected pia. Nililipa asubuhi na hawajatuma pesa bado.


Voice and data are down in the coastal region


And we all thought Safaricom was invincible. Last time I heard Safaricom had such a long outage was when the fibre undersea cables were fresh into the country.


It’s back!!!
No worse thing than kuamka kupata internet haiwork na huwezi jua mbona coz you can’t google anything… Because there’s no internet :rofl:


Come to think of it. Could it be as a result of the simcard-mpesa fraud cartels sabotaging Safaricom? Remember, insiders are there. Huyo mmoja alishikwa can’t be the only one defrauding everyone nationwide.

How comes? last year si walikua na total network outage somewhere around June/July. The same case also happened in 2016 around June/July.


Do you buy this story of theres of multiple fibre cutting?


Not at all, I suspect it’s sth more serious & for that reason it’s ‘safer’ if they just say it’s equipment failure or sth like that.


Mpesa Fraud Cartels? Ebu educate me on this one.


Humour us. What is the correlation between a network failure and social engineering?


In Mombasa power went and it went with the saf network, Faiba is good and I would not have noticed the outage if I had not wanted to make a call, my first instinct was to check if I was a sim swap victim but my other line was also down, the last time I uses saf internet was last week and for some reason it was slow, not sure if it was the 1GB 99bob offer that was throttled or it’s just saf.


Tspace Bot on Telegram is one of the best ways to load airtime on Airtel and Telkom, as well as tokens.


Isn’t this the same company that has been shortchanging kenyans by dishing out instant but less tokens, i used to buy tokens from them way back when KPLCs 88880 had a delay problem but stopped after the redflag was raised. I didnt know they did airtime too


I did a comparison of the tokens given by Tspace and 888880, and didn’t see a difference. They use buy goods option. Making the process avoid a transaction cost for user.


Tspace is offered by pawacard aka radix. Totally different from dynamo and vendit which were the main targets of kenyans angst. Tspace has always been free and instant. I’ve been seeing the airtime option but today is when I used it for the first time. Good stuff.

Though personally I couldn’t understand what the furore was about, is it so hard to understand that one paybill is on a different tariff than another so one is free and another isn’t. Maybe it’s just me though.


Advanced level social engineering can even cause you to shut down your own network :wink:


Hahaha! The cartels pulled a Jedi mind trick on some poor Safaricom engineer :rofl: