Safaricom Increases Call and Data Rates


I have a Safaricom postpaid line that was grandfathered on the 1K bundle.

The text and data is rubbish but in ten years, I’ve never run out of minutes. Shout out to anyone that had a Yu line :wink:


This is the best product ever invented by Safaricom


noma :joy::joy::joy:


Hahaha… Kwetu shagz even 2G is a hustle yet on Safaricom we now have 4G+.


Renewed my Safaricom Fibre Silver Package subscription for KSh 3,999/- yesterday and got a discount of KSh 720/- today. This must be that birthday discount gift they were talking about. Come December i will pay KSh 3,279/- :grin:


Yeah. Some nice present …


I read somewhere that the capacity of fiber is underutilised, several years down the line. Isnt it viable for the Providers to reduce prices to international rates, and in turn get more customers. For Comparison $50 for 100Mbps in Kansas