Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share



I think they are confused, they refused to connect stand alone homes and now flats? BTW what is the difference between flats and apartments, thought they were same , both high rises, it would be cheaper to connect flats because you can connect a bigger number at the same time.


I figure he once tried to use it from there , but i highly doubt it. I live in limuru and i am also looking for an ISP. It would great to get safcom but i think il go the airtel way also for now until they come to limuru that is.


For those of you looking forward to joining the Airtel Plan, kindly be aware that you will be signing an annual legally binding contract.

You MUST pay the 3500/= hadi contract iishe. The 7k deposit is only refundable after your contract is over.

If you default, you risk having your name on the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) defaulters.



Good to know Trey. Thanks for the heads up.

Lemme stick to my 30GB Orange bundle for 2,990. I can survive without IPTV or unlimited downloads for a few more months.


I personally uses Syokinet. They are a Tier 2 ISP and use Telkom Fiber as their backbone (Zuku and Safaricom as backup but the connection is usual very slow on the backup links). The service is decent with very few downtimes (Mostly caused by Telkom fiber going down)

Good customer care mostly due to the small size of the customers they serve.

I’d recommend them for anyone around Mlolongo, Kitengela etc.


I don’t think the contract binds you in any way. The only thing that you risk is forfeiting your deposit if you fail to honor the terms of the contract.


The plan is similar to any other contractual contract and it clearly stipulates the contract has to run for a minimum of 1 year before termination.

I personally had the contract in my hands and skimmed through it.

I also received an email from Airtel regarding the same.

I hope those who signed up at least read the contract before putting pen to paper.


Had the same contract with Safaricom post paid na vile nilijitoa under new terms walibaki tu na deposit.


Lakini it is not a good idea to assume what worked with one provider will also work with the other.

Imagine after 3 months upate a better alternative alafu watu wa Airtel waseme they cannot cancel before 1 year is over. Oh, and you still need to pay 3,500/= every month hadi mwaka iishe ama wapeleke jina yako CRB. (This is just an assumption. I do not know the measures they have in place to get you back.)

I hate annual contracts and the few I have had, I paid the entire amount upfront.


That is so true, especially at a time when Jamii Telecoms is preparing to give these networks a beating of a lifetime.


Hopefully they won’t disappoint


What does Jamii Telcom want to do?


JTL is all talk and no bite,the real action takers are Safaricom Limited…they can decimate all these teams with a sweep of market moves that can disrupt the entire industry.


Wouldnt be too quick to assume that., about an hour ago someone from Telkom Kenya gave me a call and wanted to know if i still use their services😃, i told them that i love their network but i find their bundles to be a bit restrictive and as a result i use the Telkom sim for data when am on the move ., i told them that i use the Airtel postpaid unlimited package for home and that i prefer it to Telkoms 30GB for 2999 bob and i got the guy’s attention. He then asked me if they could offer me a similar package at around the same price if i could sign up to the package. Knowing that im under a 1 year contract with Airtel i know that i cannot switch at the moment , but i told him yes anyway just to see what his response would be, and he told me that sometime next week he’ll give me a call again to work out the deal.
If they really are serious about this then I will be impressed by Telkom’s seriousness in market research, maybe i can even sign up and use the service as a backhaul for a wifi network around my area. Lets wait and see if he makes a follow up next week


They wanna set up a 4G network, they already have a license


Telkom and Airtel with their 4G networks can offer really competitive and compelling unlimited internet packages that can erode the current dominance of safaricom’s offerings,they just need to understand the consumers better and do proper marketing campaigns,MPESA dominance and risk will be eroded if the cross platform exchange idea takes off the ground,it could really give the other mobile operators a fighting chance


It is not feasible to offer true unlimited internet. If it was possible for service provides to limit their internet for mobile use only, maybe.

And if they did offer unlimited internet, maybe they would not offer 4G speeds.

PS: Airtel had to reduce the amount of data they offered in the unliminet plans and even that was not unlimited.


Let’s not dismiss unlimited data entirely. There is a reason the US Big 4 are investing extensively into it: Best Unlimited Data Plan

On seeing these numbers, ‘Unlimited’ starts out at 22GB for $70 (the cheapest single line plan). Assuming the equivalent economic value for that is maybe 3,500, I can see A LOT of people going for this package, which includes:

Unlimited* 4G/LTE (*speeds are capped if you regularly consume more than 30GB in under a month)
Unlimited 3G - After your 4G/LTE is capped, you can enjoy ‘Airtel’ like unlimited speeds till your next renewal date
Unlimited Talk time - Talk for as long as you want across all networks
Unlimited Text - text as much as you want across all networks
Unlimited Roaming in Mexico & Canada - We can have that done in Uganda & Tanzania, maybe even the entire EAC. The EU has already started.

So read that again and tell me if members here - and a good portion of the general public - wouldn’t be throwing money at a telco offering all this at 3,500 a month.

Other bundle prices could be created to satisfy as many consumer brackets as possible but still, this is a great move.


Wow! This sounds promising! I use Orange 30GB for 2990. (Which reminds me, I need to top up!)

Let us know how it goes.


I think I would be one of the first people to jump onto such a plan! Even if it’s 4,000 pm and speeds are unlimited and I can tether. I’d probably need to worry about my phone overheating! :laughing: