Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share



Finally got this offer. Taking it for a spin. So far, so good. They scrapped off the router offer btw.


Which router offer is that?


Wonderful. Make sure you use over 30GB( I’ll give you a free IPTV subscription in case you run out of ways to use your connection. Make use of KODI). We want to find out if they cap.


I use 1.5GB per hour streaming 1080p IPTV, 30GB is kid’s play.


They had a free router after signing up for postpaid unlimited monthly. Not anymore.


What’s the price of the router?


Retails at 5k at their shop.


Have you exceeded the 30GB yet?


Past the 30GB mark. No caps so far


Going for it this weekend. Can you post a screenshot of your bundle balance please?




Thanks getting it immediately on the weekend.


This sounds very promising. Will also buy it and see how it goes. How much did you spend in total? Wanna know so I can budget.


“Join us as we make Kenyan homes more fun, great for work and learning with unlimited high speed internet on Fibre and Wireless…” Hmm. Stop me from reading too much into that.


7k deposit to sign up.


Soo the only problem now might be Airtel Reintroducing the caps.


Yeah that’s the only issue. Hoping they don’t reintroduce any time soon.


Ebu stop saying that they’ll have messed me up big time if they did that :scream:


Who said what? :wink:


I tried contacting some lady from saf to come install it at our home, meh! :sweat:
I was told that hawaezi niwekea ju ni flat… That It would cost them much more installing it in flats. THey should have named it “SAFARICOM APARTMENTS ONLY” NOT Safaricom Home!
I don’t even want to hear that CRAP!!