Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share


I just hope #Safaricom are having the first priority in improving the current situation …Lower contention ratios? Increase speeds in bouquets?

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I see saf fiber has reached the hood, for those who have it is 1080p youtube fine on the 2,900/- package?

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i watch a lot of 1080p youtube on my bronze package comfortably…sometimes it buffers a bit but for most of the time its very smooth.

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works ok for me. I have had it since 2017

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Although from next month i will upgrade to silver because of game of thrones and champions league quarters



Which area is this?



Has anybody experienced complete drop out by the gpon router provided by #safaricom … Restarting it seems to bring back the network …

I have experienced this on average 2x a day since Sunday …



I have been experiencing an issue where their router has been losing connectivity sometimes…i dont know if its related but i know i have called them like twice and i have had to restart my router once at least.They need to improve on their reliability btw…



Most of the errors are PPPoE dialup failed has failed from the one-click diagnosis…I’m guessing that the config in the box on our road is not upto snuff …

The experience that I have had with customer care/ tech support is laughable …I have come to understand that there is an area (Olepelos and it’s environs) tonight that has an issue …BUT you ask me that was your question? Put me on hold and then hang up?

A response like we will get back to you after X would have been appreciated …but



ISPs do not throttle speeds for local cache. That is the reason why you access YouTube at full speed when on Zuku regardless of package.

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Is it possible for Safaricom to consider upgrading our Router hardware,if we wish to use newer features like 5Ghz,WPS,Network attached storage using an External storage device for home use…e.t.c…



you can add a device that supports all this features. Plug in the ethernet cable to the new device’s WAN port and the other end of the cable to one of the LAN ports on router provided by Safaricom. You can also turn off the WLAN on Safaricom’s router



Hmmm seems like an amicable solution,hadnt thought of it like that…thank you…



The routers being supplied with activation of an account support 5GHz(2019+) …In my home network I do not consider their router part of my network but a gateway to the internet. I have turned off all wireless functionalities from it. I have connected one of the LANs to the WAN of my main router.

It can be pwned and I care less. Yes I will care if it affects performance of the my network