Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share



Safcom are just mad sometimes,i did a windows feature update yesterday evening and my bandwidth was hovering between 80 and 100mbps,the entire update downloaded within 5 minutes…it felt like they opened the floodgates for a while considering my package is the 5mbps package.


Most providers nowadays cache windows and apple updates for the simple reason that maaany devices will download this file.

If I served you the file in 1minute and cleared the spectrum for other users… Overall user experience is better.


My reasoning too.

You mean GB and Gb, right? :grin: Anyway, windows mostly measures store download speeds in Gbps. Most likely his case was as a result of cached data.


Wouldn’t these cached data be subject to the speed limitations on my home fibre package?


in practice you are downloading from a local network so the only limitation should be hardware.


It is definitely the cache. It is super simple to recreate this.

Windows Store works like a torrent client if you have activated delivery optimization. The highest I have ever hit is ~700Mbps after cancelling a ~65 GB download (I need a new SSD :thinking:)

Windows 10 Store Speeds

  • Initial Run (No cached Data)

  • Cancelled download then restarted it

  • After clearing Delivery Optimization folder

Delivery Optimization Folder Size (Before & After)

I would not recommend stopping a huge download though. The store has a weird bug that causes the download to continue even after you have downloaded the entire file and the only way to fix it is clearing the cache and starting again.

It has happened to me a few times now. The last one was painful. Had to redownload over 60 GB.


I can attest to this; I was in Kinoo when Safcom launched the service there and there was a point for a day or two when we had mad speeds. Its like the floodgates had been opened, I can’t recollect the exact numbers but it was way North of 40Mb/s for sure.

That affected anything on the internet normal downloads, torrents, etc.


Join the dark side, Linux master race :wink:

Liquid Telcom run a local mirror at Sameer Park and those are kawaida speeds when running updates.


But I really like Windows 10. There are a few annoyance here and there but that is it. Everything else works perfectly including Windows updates.

Most of my problems on Windows are due to faulty drivers/software from 3rd party vendors.


It’s all good man.

Speaking for myself Windows 10 Pro is broken. Corporates still prefer Windows 7 for the stability.

For work I was forced to upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise. No Cortana, no Edge and no Windows Store. Or rather stability and no irrelevant features.

Last time I had to hustle about drivers was the dark days before XP Service Pack 3.

Out of the box Linux supports almost anything :slight_smile:


2 Gbps is possible on Safaricom, but a set of circumstances have to play in your favour.

First: GPON users: Most commercial GPON deployments have OLT’s that fork out 2.488 Gbps down, this is what is split up to 128 (in some cases even 256) to give each subscriber a “leaf.” Technically, as long as any of the devices downstream can pull 2 gig, it will get it if a) it has not been metered and / or b) the device itself (ONU) can pull multi gigabit.

Most ONU’s do a max of 1 Gig. But if I was Safaricom, I would be rolling out 1G gpon whilst testing 10G or even 40G Gpon.

If however you were on a multi Dwelling unit, where safaricom has an active node there, then it is much more likely that you can have a combination of good luck and fate with a path that would give you a 10G pipe all the way.

The more plausible explanation however, might be a software glitch.


is it just me or streaming on the 5 Mbps bundle is having too much of lag/ loading than before…


Nope,its not just you…i been feeling the same on my package especially with video buffering(Youtube)


Yeah. Streaming videos which previously used to be smooth is now a Buffering Haven…
Could they be trying to force people into purchasing higher subscription bundles…


I also thought this was the case until someone on 20mbps started complaining…


Maybe they want him to get 40 Mbps instead…


i think they are beginning to hit some infrastructure bottlenecks as more subscribers join the network and as throughput in the network increases.


This makes some sense:


A quick Q regarding the issues[of late] with #safaricom FTTH …

I have the option to get FTTH from Saf in a weeks time but I’m currently testing out a tier 3’s offering …

The two offerings are priced competitively to each other but performance especially peak times is somewhat lacklustre …

Are FTTH issues still lingering ?.. Thoughts?



woot 17ms ??? so high