Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share



Faiba Home:


I’m i the only one who doesn’t play video games because of epileptic fits?


Thank you very much @Omgitsdes @sarunibm

I thought other ISPs might have better peering but it seems this is all Microsoft’s fault. I just found out Azure, AWS and Google Cloud do not have a single datacenter in Africa.

Most games use these services for multiplayer.


Sorry man. I don’t play games because I am not good at them. Stage 1 huwa inaget really boring really fast


I agree with him. I hate losing and games aren’t really my thing


Haha games are meant to be played, lost, replay a level until you beat the scores…


How do you find time for this when Netflix drops an original series each week!


I don’t have FTTH and if I did, I would still game. It’s the only thing I can do till 3 in the morning. Movies? Nalala vibaya sana


Games as a form of entertainment …The immersion you get from playing a story based game like the Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Assassins Creed Origins, Horizon Zero Dawn, Red Dead Redemption 2 …etc is far much better and refreshing in my opinion …


God of War, how can you not mention GoW!!! And SpiderMan, And Bloodborne!


Yes yes numerous collection of games especially if you are buying a ps4 like me now…but what came to mind are long story games that have an open & free “world” that you can interact and explore to your heart’s content.

A game that should last like 30 - 50 hrs ends lasting 100 - 300 hrs( If you are going for that platinum)


When you realize that a ka small mobile phone game like Candy Crush saga is sold for 5 billion USD is when your whole perspective of the gaming industry changes.


Let us not derail this thread a lot.


Thank you. These guys get carried away easily.


Anyone living around the Donholm area who knows if Safaricom are planning to lay their FTTH line there?


I ended up getting saf faiba. The latency is pretty bad. I do a lot of online gaming. Having anything above 100ms for me is just pointless. I mean zuku is crap but the worst ping i had while gaming was maybe 70ms.
Anyway i had a question. Could anyone kindly let me know the latency you’re getting with Faiba JTL on any EU server. This test is what i use

Or if anyone knows just in general if the latency is better on the JTL connection? Thanks


Does this help? This is JTL Faiba…


Used to think this was simply an issue with IDM hogging data unnecessarily. Kumbe this is widespread…

If am downloading a large file on one device, all the other devices can’t access internet. Heck, even accessing internet on the downloading device is a pipedream. Speed test shows everything to be ok. Was expecting several devices to be able to access net albeit total capped to my bandwidth subscription


Safaricom will be Safaricom. Their Home Fibre product is still new but the subscriber base is growing. The Higher the number of subscribers, the poorer their service will be. I will just stick to my Zuku for now and watch.


Considering that they are using ftth, high number of people won’t be an issue. Unless their hardware can’t handle the total traffic, I don’t see how they will have poor service.

They also have the money to improve their Network in case of such issues.