Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share



And yet people still recommend Saf’s 20mbps to Faiba’s 30 mbps regardless of that contention ratio.

Is there a reason for this? Or is Faiba’s contention ratio misinformation?


Can someone here explain whether Safaricom’s fibre suffers from contention ratio? (Should a fibre cable really suffer from this?)

But Faiba uses FTTN while saf is FTTH, right? ama zote ni FTTH?


i recommend safcom home fibre coz of a number of reasons:
1.Their latency is quite good
2.They are affordable
3.Their customer support line is toll free
4.Payment of subscription is easy/MPESA
5.Service is very reliable,minimal downtime
6.They do communicate when they have issues/SMS notifications


That would be very helpful. Before coming across this forums i was in the same situation. [quote=“Jakes, post:636, topic:941”]
So far, I’m considering:

  1. Faiba’s 30mbps option (5k)
  2. Saf’s 20mbps (5k)

I’m currently speaking to a sales rep from saf and faiba respectively. The one from saf tells me the contention ratio is 1:6. Whereas the Faiba guy is telling me 1:1.
So again i’m struggling to understand why so many people on the forum opt in favor of Saf home fibre connection.

Also if Saf is indeed the better option, then i’d want to find out if the unlimited 4g data bundles are better overall as compared to the saf home fibre connection.

Not sure if i’m going off topic or straying from the forum rules. I’m new here.


Unlimited 4G bundles ziliisha za Saf that is. I would also vouch for Safaricom Faiba huwa tunaitumia works ya 10MBps na ina serve poa. Best thing ni kujua customer care wata pick calls.


What is this content ratio?


I don’t know why it’s not called “connection ratio” :thinking::smile: but Contention Ratio means how many users are sharing the data capacity on a provider’s line.


Its 1:4 on their website. Faiba’s 1;1? I’m not too sure about that. Anyway, i speak from experience. I have the bronze package and so far its been great.


Typo :joy::joy::joy: we are even now. That aside. Thanks I was really wondering what it means. Almost thought it’s the number of users per connection. Btw does it have a limit on that?


The shittier the ISP, the higher the contention ratio.

4:1 is pretty good.

20:1 and 50:1 are not unheard off.


Haha 20:1 is shitty.
My question was in terms of the number of devices you can connect to your connection in the house.


On FTTH vs FTTN the difference is how close the fibre cable is to the final destination …The closer it is the better the connection. FTTH goes to individual residences while FTTN is shared between customers e.g 100 customers in a radius of 1.5 Kms … More Fiber to x >>

I think it’s the overall connection to the backhaul that you are contending in …


we know the difference, we were asking whether faiba/jtl uses fttn or ftth :smirk:


Ok my bad …I know this topic is on Safaricom home FTTH experiences but …

I can see Safaricom corporate internet provides you notably with a dedicated line(I presume no contention), a secondary link(incase one fails) and 24/7 dedicated customer support but what justifies Faiba for business package for the more doh?


As much as your router allows. ISPs don’t have a say here.

Contention happens kwa ile cable inaleta internet kwa estate/flat. A single 100 Mbps line might be shared by 20 users (20:1 aka 20 users are sharing a single line) even though everyone paid for 10 Mbps.

This works perfectly most of the times but ukiwai jipata on a line with a high contention ratio and the other users are maxing out their connection, you will never get the bandwidth you paid for until the ISP increases the bandwidth on that line or adds a few new ones.

Dedicated lines are much more expensive but you never share the line. If you paid for 100 Mbps, it will always be 100 Mbps.


Who offers the dedicated lines service? I know its more premium and more expensive but indulge me for a moment. If i wanted a dedicated line for my household or business, where would i go?


Most ISPs offer dedicated lines for businesses. I use Access Kenya at the office.


Anyone with Safaricom FTTH or Faiba Home, kindly let me know the latency you are getting on Xbox Live.

Windows 10: Settings > Gaming > Xbox Networking


Safcom it’s 1:4 as for Faiba it used to be 1.5.


Faiba MiFi :grin::grin: I think only Microsoft can fix server latency