Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share



Near Ivory Towers ama


Yes!!! Hizo apartments ziko hizo sides.


Hi guys,

I have been following this forum for like the last 3 months. I am part of the sales team for FTTH so for questions, clarifications, to confirm whether your place is fibre ready, buying the service, charges or even follow up on connections or any issue concerning safaricom fibre to the home am available 24/7, 365 on 0714861077 or on this forum.

Thanks in advance.



I stay in utawala ,do you guys have plans for that place?


Coverage in Eastlands is poor. How Safaricom decided to install FTTH in the middle of Eastlands at East Capital Apartments along Kangundo road and skip other areas, that remains a puzzle.

However, when are you planning to cover Eastlands? I mean, Buruburu, Pioneer, Kariobangi South (a virgin area with great potential that has no fiber at all), Donholm, and like @vince has mentioned, Utawala etc.


Ooooh boy!


Utawala, Githunguri & Ruai. We saw cables being laid last year but nothing has happened so far. There are customers here who spend money on Telkom and Airtel whom I believe would switch if FTTH was available.


Btw @kenmuia I stay in Saika Estate and the fibre is not here but 500m near to our neighbouring at mowlem heights. Why? Tumeomba internet huku sana. Help push this to the big guys🙏


I had no idea cables were laid last year. There is still hope for us who live in Ruai


Safaricom has cables in very many areas, I lived in isilii when I was in campus and they laid cables in most Isilii roads including right outside our gate, that was in 2008 or 2009,
I wonder why they are slow to connect guys yet cables are right there, what happened to the resellers, safaricom had advertised for them sometimes back.


When I asked them about that, they told me that fiber only connects the BTSs. For home fiber they have to do lay new fiber in the area. I wondered what the guy was trying to tell me. We also have Safaricom Fiber in our area but they won’t connect us.

Liquid promised to do so but I tried to make a follow up and they only blue tick me.


rollout ya nyeri ikoje?


Have tried both Zuku and Safaricom on the 10mbps package and I must say Safaricom have me convinced they are better off. Little downtime and very good latency. Those undersea cable investments paid off.


Guess what? Safaricom has connected the first flat on FTTH in Kariobangi South a.k.a Timbuktu. I’m yet to know how the landlord managed to convince Safaricom to do that because they killed my hopes last year. Will try get in touch with the caretaker to get more details.

In other news @martingicheru did you deport this guy? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Hahah… Ebu @martingicheru atuambie


I’m already seeing the fiber poles(with the fiber) at my shagz. I’m not sure whether its Safaricom or some other company/entity.


Getting game ping of around 160ms (eu server) on wired connection, 190ms on wifi. pics below of the speeds I was getting before package speed was applied.

youtube idm


13.08MB/s :open_mouth:… 28.8MB/s :drooling_face:

I don’t think ‘adult content’ is allowed here.

Reported. :grin:


Wueh! Crazy speeds


Hi good people.
“Safaricom Fibre is now in Kikuyu”.
Thus says a big billboard on A104 at Gitaru intersection. :clap::clap::clap:
Initial installation seems to have been done West of Kikuyu Town around Ivory apartments. Probably done last year as some of you had confirmed earlier. I have seen installation been done in Kidfarmaco around Full Gospel Church. I got one of the field guys and he tells me they are moving towards Kikuyu town from Kidi but Kidi ya chini itawekwa soon. I am moving house next week and I was lucky to get one with fibre already installed. I am really exited!
For anyone who needs info about FTTH in Kikuyu, I can share the field guy’s number. He is called Kiarie.