Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share



I once lived there for a while. I’m in Eastlands now but Safaricom fiber might take me back there. I also had high hopes for Telkom 4G but in Eastlands the 4G is hardly available and if it is, it’s hard to get a stable connection indoors.

Funny Orange 3G was superb a few months ago. Nowadays Telkom keep on mentioning Global data flactuation. You wake up one day and realize you have no 3G network switches to 2G.

Safaricom are charging us for quality of service. Hadi ushago 4G is better and much faster than here in Nairobi.


Someone told me that Safaricom has a less advertised unlimited internet connection package called WIMAX, though for business but they also install for homes if you sweet talk the sales agent. It is advertised as 1Mbps but can stream movies in full-HD without buffer, and it goes for 10k a month. Has anyone used it? Might be the only option in areas where FTTH might not reach in the near future and Telcom and Airtel are as usual stress.


It actually works well, but this is what we were using in our office back in 2011, I think it’s dedicated but why would you want to pay 10k?
Is this Wimax same as sijui microwave?
You can also try talking to Liquid they have better wimax at 2,500/-and above but connection will cost you about 35k


Anyone still using the airtel package and confirm if its still uncapped ?whichone is better,the airtel postpaid or telkom “unlimited” considering airtel has a contract?


You have to test the networks and go with the one that is reliable. As now both Telkom and Airtel are not that reliable. My opinion though. For Airtel, you might want to wait for 4G before signing that 12 month contract. For Telkom the network outages chased me away.


Gone for the telkom unlimited package, airtel 12 month contract and of course the uncertainty of being capped at any time has kept me away


Anyone here who lives in Muthiga? I hear Safaricom Fibre imefika huko. Might move there if I get a good place


Yes it’s there. Muthiga is just next to Kinoo.


Thanks. Will make a point of doing a recce there.
Meanwhile I hear Safcom people have been spotted in Kikuyu. Maybe they are considering new FTTH connections but I’m sure that will take time


They have been connecting Kikuyu for months now. There are quite a number of apartments in Kikuyu with connections already.


I live in Kikuyu and i do not think that any apartment currently have FTTH. They visited our apartment on Thursday and promised to install after one week though i am yet see any poles in Kikuyu that normally have the safaricom cables


Mgebeba contacts ya ground supervisor and disturb him/her with calls.


I have numerous friends who live there as well and their apartments are connected. 5 people to be precise.

Maybe the side of Kikuyu you’re in ndio hakuna.


Kikuyu town or Regen/Muthiga area


Kikuyu town.


Where safaricom doesn’t have their own poles they use Kenya Power poles so you might not necessarily see standalone poles for Safaricom. Even Zuku in some areas use Kenya Power poles for overhead cables.


Hey Man, I have a 5MBPS mwitu connection and I was thinking of adding an extra Airtel line and then load balance the two connections to get double the speed and possibly start a small ISP in my neighborhood.

PS: There is no Zuku or FTTH here, I am getting the net from a friend at a low cost who resells saf’s internet and I was hoping to do the same.

What would you advice in the following key areas:

  1. How to connect the current router I have with a modem to get more speed?
  2. Which would be the best way to then share the internet, through Picostation M2HP or Bullet M2 or Rocket M2.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

First post here after following this particular topic, looking forward to your thoughts.


Any particular apartment names that you can give so I check them out? Will really appreciate


No particular apartment but check those sides of ACK Kikuyu church


Near Ivory Towers ama