Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share



Well Smoothstreams is reputable in the sense that on most IPTV & Kodi-AddOn forums it’s the go-to if you want great sports streams, it has other streams(Movies, Shows etc) but they’re half-baked into the service because its main focus is on Sports. VaderStreams isn’t as popular since it’s new-ish but most guys who have used/are using it praise it a ton because it nails both the Sports streams & Entertainment streams.

Genuinely curious, have you used the service you recommended(Freebie) to stream EPL games?


Thanks bro


Yes i have and in 1080p(mostly use Sky Sports).


So Safaricom home fibre have been having a few delays in installations lately.i heard they were out of routers and had suspended installations coz of the current political situation.Anyone who encountered such delays? My folks got delayed by almost two weeks while they transitioned from Zuku fibre.


I was told they could not connect a new apartment I moved into until next year, then a friend has been waiting for a connection for two weeks but finally got it. So yeah, there’s a serious delay.


At least once installed their network seems to have enough capacity to provide reliable services for the respective tiers,at least for now.Their investment into high capacity fibre and only focusing on data services may be paying off for Safaricom as they onboard more users.Lets hope this growth doesn’t lead to degradation in service quality and less innovations in their product offerings.


There’s a lot of buzz going around about this Telkom 4G internet some even claiming it has an unlimited package. Has anyone used it, and is it reliable?


Telkom is very unreliable but very cheap,you are going to be disappoinment for sure but at least you won’t spend a lot of money.


Someone got this right


If you don’t count speed caps as a limitation, yes, there is an unlimited package-home plan package. I’ve used it and the experience was not great. In the beginning it was okay but it got worse later. The network was not reliable. Don’t let me discourage you, try it for yourself. You might be in a place where there is good coverage. However, even with good coverage, network reliability may still be an issue.


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Am part of the Resist movement so bad for me mimi na saf ni kama maji na mafuta


I’m also in the Resist movement but I depend a lot on the internet to get that Unga. Unfortunately, I don’t live anywhere near fiber and Airtel network used to be superb until they started the free calls thing and network in our area just went downhill. You have all network bars on HSPA+ but using the internet is such as painful experience.

Moved back to Orange after 3 years of using Airtel. Dumped Orange after 4 months when they rebranded to Telkom and failed to put up with new customers. Back to Safaricom for now.


My friend you have moved like a nomad between Telcos lol, I can relate in terms of cable tv. I had dstv then disconnected when the put football only in Premium; moved to startimes for Bundesliga, Seria A and Ligue 1, moved back to dstv when they moved EPL Football to compact and now I have both dstv compact (for EPL and La Liga) and on one side and startimes (basic) for other leagues. People in the Gulf are lucky as Beinsports has almost every major league and it is affordable. In a sense what you are decribing is an illustration of a market full of players but ideal and affordable services are not easy to come along. I am now again thinking of moving disconnecting dstv; getting another option for EPL and La Liga.


Did you download the 4K HDR versions of your entire steam/Xbox gaming library :scream:


Could it be that your sim card or line is the problem and have u considered a sim swap i remember a year ago when my line or phone could show an empty bar but could still browse until i raised the issue with Airtel and was advised for a sim swap nowadays i dont complain and remember am in kisumu where literally everyone has moved to Airtel and i have no network problem even when i was in kiambu Ruaka and nrb Nyayo estate had no such problems after the sim swap


Go for Kwese


Not simcard issue. Network was fine until the free calls thing came. I have Airtel booster right outside my doorstep. Something like 100 meters. Did a sim swap and I have tried with my brothers line. Experience is same.

Even when trying to make a call the interference is so bad and call drops are high. I think the booster in our area has issues since in the CBD, Kinoo, and Kiambu I noticed network is superb these places.

Once Safaricom booster had such issues in our area. Thought it was network wide. But they did send people to come fix it. Took one and a half day and everything went back to normal.


every time i try switching from safaricom to other networks i always end up returning crying the bad experience and swearing to the beloved network never to switch again. i live in kinoo and only saf has 4g here. 4g ya telkom uanzia westy. 3g yake ata haiwezi download image…bure kabisa.


Tuko wengi, I too have tried to run away from Saf but all the other telcos were meh at best. I had such high hopes for Telkom not with the whole 4G4free campaign but damn they have such poor reception. Saf, hate them or love them, best network outside the CBD hands-down.

Plus is it me or do most guys here live in Kinoo.