Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share



Hehe if you have time check their financial report they presented today to the share holders, interesting…


I saw something like that…covers 90,000+ residents and not connections.


Don’t tease. At least share a link.


I will revisit. Stay put.


The company added that it will continue to grow its data business by installing new 4G sites to add to its total of 1,450 sites and their Fibre to the Home (FTTH), which has passed 90,000 homes (potential connections) and converted 28,000 subscribers. Safaricom fibre coverage currently stands at 4,700 kilometres.


Who lives along TRM Drive, Roysambu…am considering relocating to that area and my greatest concern is Safaricom’s FTTH. I have seen a single booster on the map and would love to know more about the coverage, maybe even apartment name.


Coverage is good but I have seen people complain about speeds in those areas. Probably most subscriptions are there.


They can get more customers if only they stop being selective when it comes to installation of the FTTH.


Great to know that…I will look into it.



Haha, wacha Caro na Jamo wajibambe


Hi, I am thinking of getting the service. Have you tried to stream sports? How is that experience like? I am keen on sports than anything else. What about latency? How is latency on Fibre to home? Latency in Airtel is stress


I do not have Safaricom Fibre but unless you are gaming online or running an application that demands low latency, you should be just fine.

Physical connections tend to have much lower latency compared to radio.


Thanks bro.


I stream sports on Safaricom FTTH and if the link is good, you will stream even in HD without any issues.


Thanks, which package are you on? 10 mbps or 20 mbps?


Works well even on 1080p streams. I’m on the 5Mbps package. However free streaming and usually illegal(but most of us don’t care about this) services tend to buffer a lot even on a good connection. I would recommend you go for a paid service, like this one. They offer a 2 day trial and local support.


For a paid service I’d actually recommend sth more reputable like SmoothStreams(Sports) or VaderStreams(Entertainment + Sports).


Reputable? Never heard of it. You only get sports? Well with that service you get pure sports channels,other entertainment channels and video on demand.


Just wanted to share this. 25 Days on and my two load balanced Safaricom 20 links have been more than excellent. 382 packets dropped over a whole month, thats less than 50 kilobytes. Meanwhile Download stats: 6.6TB down, 1.2TB up.


I use Safaricom FTTH and for me VPN use has been comfortable,from psiphon to windscribe and cyberghost.Maybe Robert Alai himself is having issues because intelligence services are monitoring him as a potential target due to his publicity.