Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share





Hehehe this seems to be an interesting revelation now i get the logic behind reduced speed a times


I hope nobody using Safaricom Fibre (or any other FTTH provider) expects to get a dedicated line to their home.

Residential internet has and will always be shared. The ratio is what matters.


(I am in no way promoting Zuku, I hate 'em)

Zuku’s bandwidth from their Data Center to you the customer is not shared but International is.


So home fibre is shared. Always wondered why fibre to business package prices are a bit higher than home


What they are referring to is called peering.

Big media companies like YouTube, Netflix, ShowMax etc have local caches in most data exchange centers.

Example, Netflix releases a new series. Instead of delivering it directly to all customers from their data center, the series is distributed to proxy servers.

These proxy servers are owned by Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers. Most of these proxy servers are located inside ISPs data centers (Yes, ISPs do get paid)

ZUKU can easily offer maximum speed to everyone for content stored locally. They basically downloaded the show for all their customers from Netflix. Any bandwidth from their data center to you does not cost them anything. (Ok, maybe just a small fraction compared to what they pay for the international bandwidth)

Unfortunately, a large portion of the content you will be consuming WILL NOT be cached at a Zuku Data Centres. (Terms and Conditions apply of course :slight_smile:)

Akamai, the biggest CDN provider in the world, has millions of these servers around the world. Cloudfare is another popular CDN provider.

Akamai is peered at the Kenya Internet Exchange Point (KIXP). All major ISPs are members of KIXP.

In case you want to know more:

What is a CDN

How Netflix Works With ISPs Around the Globe to Deliver a Great Viewing Experience

Google’s Edge Network



Business packages have very low contention ratios. Sometimes it is even a dedicated connection.

That is why the prices are usually so high.

Here is a nice article about it -

FUN FACT: Most business packages have contracts (SLAs). If your business (or you) experience a downtime, you might be eligible for compensation in form of service credits.

Business-class support is also amazing. Little to no wait times if you need to talk to somebody.


TL:DR - Faiba is set to launch their 4G network soon. It seems they are not keen on expanding their fiber network anymore in favor of the 4G network. Safaricom is already beating JTL in the broadband business. Will JTL pull this off or will the play 2nd or 3rd fiddle like every other company that has tried to go after Safaricom’s data market share?

I had an interesting chat the other day with an engineer from JTL.

We were discussing their fiber expansion plans and the implications of Safaricom’s rapid growth in the fiber business.

Safaricom is currently expanding their FTTH network at a loss to increase their market share as fast as possible. JTL, on the other hand, hasn’t made any significant strides to expand their fiber network for years now. Most urban estates in Nairobi do not have access to JTL’s home faiba.

The guy told me that they are banking on Safaricom screwing over their customers. He was very optimistic customers will leave Safaricon for Faiba once they reach neighborhoods dominated by Safaricom FTTH.

JTL’s plan A at the moment is their upcoming 4G network. It will be an unlimited plan. He did not budge when I [persistently] asked about speeds, FUP policy or pricing.

It seems JTL is trying to position itself as a cellular company.

Safaricom is already beating JTL in the broadband business.

Will JTL pull this off or will they play 2nd or 3rd fiddle like every other company that has tried to go after Safaricom’s data market share?


Funny they are not allowed to talk on anything apart from the usual tests have been successful and launch is soon.

However, the guy I talked to promised both bundles and unlimited plans. By the way, by concentrating on mobile, they can be required to invest less by adding base stations and have these stations connected to fiber the way Safaricom has done to their base stations; hence, faster connectivity speeds.

Given the pricing of unlimited plans, I’m looking at a situation whereby they might have cheaper bundles than the competition but I doubt if unlimited will be cheap.


I’m even eager to see how the current players react after JTL launches these plans


I assure you Airtel will review its pricing but not its network. Safaricom will stay put. Telkom might change its pricing too. But what if JTL decides to adapt the pricing of let’s say Telkom and add a bit of Airtel? That means pricing will remain the same.


Safaricom has been unbeaten mostly due to reliability. Airtel and Telkom have better-priced products but the network is subpar.

It wouldn’t make sense to offer unlimited 3Mbps for 1,500/= when the network is not stable enough to sustain a connection for 20 mins.

Reliability is where it is at.


Man,i agree with Trey,I cant believe Safaricom’s network is this reliable,especially on 4G and on their home fibre product,even their 10Mbps product feels very fast.Their offering is simple,they have a toll free customer service number only enabled to actual subscribers.To be honest,i have called them less than 5 times since January…They also make it very easy to upgrade/downgrade one’s internet package


Zuku is trending on Twitter AGAIN for all the wrong reasons. :joy::joy:

Kenyans, please stop using Zuku. High blood pressure is dangerous for your health.


Just like Magunga,my folks at home complained to me too much about Zuku so i decided to onboard them to Safaricom Home fibre and bought a bamba tv decoder for their own tv consumption…I just returned zuku’s equipment to their office at the junction and closed that account and helped my folks sign up and pay for safcom home fibre,installation will be happening from thursday…So Zuku can keep bleeding revenue and subscribers.


For those with Safaricom Home, can you confirm VPNs being blocked?

This is unacceptable.


VPN issue aside.

I love the way everyone is trying to praise Airtel and the Jamo guy from Airtel is replying to those tweets.

Hata hamna 4G… Fibre mtatoa wapi?


So safaricom FTH has actually only connected 25,000 homes, but PASSED 90,000, note passed means your house is close to the line and can be connected but has not,SMH


Really? :joy::joy::joy::joy:


That’s a serious claim to make without any supporting evidence.