Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share



Safaricom FTTH


Actually thats a good idea :bulb:


I would advise you to go for the 5mbps first. If it’s not enough, upgrade to a better package. I found the 5mbps to be more than sufficient for my needs.


It would be very awesome if they have soft speed caps.

No need to limit a user’s speed if the network is not busy. Plus they buy in Mbps so no risk of exhausting their ‘bundles’.


Someone else also mentioned that their Safaricom FTTH speeds have more than doubled. Maybe they are testing something.


Maybe…didn’t last long though…back to 5Mbps.


Thanks actuality had the same thought just to confirm i went for bronze package thats 5mbs @kshs 2500 a month


A safaricom billboard Close to city mall Mombasa announcing that residents of Vescon 1 estate in bamburi and blue estate in Kiembeni are now connected, still don’t get how SAF is working with this , Vescon 1 and 2 estates are next to each other yet residents of vescon 2 can’t be connected


The supervisors on the ground who are bestowed with the duty for expansion are to blame. If you take me from Buru Buru and make the expansion manager for Mombasa, I will drive around and look at fancy homes and estates and decide this is where fiber needs to be.

Companies are to blame for employing marketing managers that do not understand the marketplace.


I saw an 800% increase in speeds last month (from 10Mbps) one afternoon and thought it was a glitch or random testing. Turns out the home owner ‘has a friend at safaricom’ and requested a slight speed bump to get some work done. It went back to normal after a few hours.


This is why you need friends in high places. Can that owner request on behalf of myself?


Hey guyz,
Am considering going for the airtel 30gb postpaid contract next week since Safaricom’s FTTP is yet to reach my neighborhood. I just want to know, is it still uncapped and how long does it take to get activated once i sign the contract.


I believe someone posted here a while back that they are stuck with the Airtel contract despite having better alternatives months after signing the contract.

Are you sure you want to gamble with that? If you decide to cancel before the contract expires, you are still on the hook for all the payments.

I have attached the contract just in case you have not read it.

Airtel Corporate Contract Form.pdf (492.2 KB)

If you are certain that your area will not have FTTH or any other provider (including the small local ones) for a while, feel free to sign up.


Hey Trey, thanks for that info…I use the daily Airtel unlimited modem that gives you 500MB per day after which the speed goes down to 256kbps after you exhaust your daily allocation. I haven’t experienced any downtime with Airtel so I think its worth the try, but only if the 30GB is uncapped. I tried Orange or the so called Telcom and it was damn annoying.


I finally got a pair of 20Mb business links from safaricom. Installation was a pain because the building owner had his floor layour funny and the contractor spent three days trying to penetrate through a wall before he decided to just trunk around.

Rest of provisioning took a day longer than I thought butall well. Links holding up firmly to set speeds, bursting kiasi but not by the 800% mentioned here,

Though I noted some cheeky whitelisting of nperf (to their locally hosted servers) which had me hitting a jaw breaking 270mbps both ways on nperf.


you can imagine my shock at seeing this. :slight_smile:


ADVICE: Wait for 4G my fren. You might have to test the quality of service during peak hours before signing for the contract. Keep in mind that you’ll be locked to them for 12 months and given that competition is getting stiff. You’d rather wait than sign up for it.

I decided to wait considering that the free calls have made the network barely unusable. Test the next work from 6pm to mid night and weekends. Otherwise, imagine the pain of paying 3500 per month only to fail to use the service you have paid for.


Thanks man…the network is okay. But that part of locking me for 12 months is what’s putting me off


Subiri tu kiasi. Kuna mazuri on the way


Uhmmmm, those using Safaricom fibre, they saying that the bandwidth you pay for is shared. Is this true?