Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share



30k would be expensive for me. Maybe15-20k might be feasible


Which other Safaricom?



So you want one for office use?


I wanted to know. Is the Airtel postpaid good? Is its speed decent?


Speed depends on network capacity. Their net used to be cool until they decided to introduce free calls. I can no longer browse on this network.


its the only one available.


Is SOLITON TELMEC the safaricom fiber contractor? If so Mombasa residents must be happy the guys are all over, Mombasa being small should be easy to cover 100%


Been experiencing Airtel postpaid data downtime for a week. Apparently they’ve been double billing since June and suspended my account. It’s taken more than a week to rectify the issue. They have the worst customer service. I’m seriously considering opting out once/if I get an alternative.


How many months are you remaining with on the contract?


I’m not even halfway. Subscribed in May


The same time I wanted to subscribe (around April) but decided to be patient noting that more offers were on the way and Airtel had introduced free calls, which simply made it difficult for me to use their internet.

Unfortunately, you have to buy yourself out of that contract if you wish to exit. That is another reason that made me to wait.


Do you see how competition is great for users? Waiting for Safaricom…


The Mobile Data offering are also ripe for a shakeup especially on safaricom, with he high speeds small data offerings like 5mb,10mb or even 20mb seem like a joke, on 4G+ 5mb is not even enough to check truecaller ID, I think the mobile data should be tripled if not increased 10 fold


Waiting to see what they will do with Faiba 4G


Let’s wait…Meanwhile, I don’t know what is happening but i seem to be on the 40Mbps package. I’m supposed to be on the 5Mbps package. I noticed my download speed was way too high. Decided to do a speedtest…


Ookla comparison…

Edit: Another one…


And finally Safaricom fibre reached our apartment in milimani kisumu am considering the bronze package @kshs 2500 a month and a speed of 5mbs not bad for my bed sitter till dec wen i leave kisumu


I believe the 10Mbps package for ksh3,500 will be better if your internet usage involves a lot of streaming/videos e.t.c


Safaricom FTTH or Faiba?