Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share



I think we’ll be just fine. Nothing can mess with Faimba.

Yeah, cellular networks will no doubt be bogged down by people making way too many calls. But it will be just another normal(ish) day for Internet because we got the bandwidth. BTW we didn’t get fiber until 2009

I think there’s a better way (bots) to screen online chatter than directing all traffic through a single tunnel. Anyways, it’s not that easy to monitor the internet like that because it’s not like you’re sieving tea to get out the leaves (bad tweets.) Most social networks USE https: connections which are encrypted hence you can only see bad posts AFTER they are posted (made public.) Intercepting that traffic is virtually impossible. That’s why governments tell owners of the sites (Twitter, Facebook etc) to crack down on hate speech because they are the ones that can get to the rotten posts before they’re made public.


Why does it so long for safaricom to connect someone to this home internet service? Can someone share a contact at safaricom(vuma online department).

Edit: When you have this box, what else needs to happen? I’m being told that this box may not have a signal-whatever that means.


This is a distribution box and it’s just a box if it was installed recently. It needs some additional hardware from where the cable that comes into your house will originate. I’m guessing you stay in an apartment building or somewhere with many potential subscribers in very close proximity. Maybe they’re waiting for more people to pay for the service so that their installation crew can serve many people at once. It saves on human resources because they won’t have to come back every time one or two people subscribe to the service.


Do you have an idea of how long it takes get that hardware?That’s my friend’s house(the dude that was looking for a house).


It’s not lack of hardware that’s causing the delay.


Okay. We are hoping it doesn’t take too long.


At least he can be sure that his house will be within the FTTH zone. Patience is a rare virtue these days. This is a good opportunity to try it.


As Peter said, it would help fasten things up if you could maybe encourage more people to sign up. Optimal number is around 10 users. If your friend can convince 10 people to sign up, then Safaricom will be there ASAP.


The good thing now is that we have a lady at safaricom who is helping us. She told us the issue is not how many people are signing up (they do a lot individual-different apartment buildings-installations in that kinoo area. The contractor just sets one installation date for all those individual sign ups.)

The main issue here is that the building is not in their list. They can’t process the account details and the payment without it. What we don’t get is why it’s not in their list yet the fiber access terminal(the box) is there. She asked for a photo of the access terminal for proof.

However she did mention a higher number of sign ups in one building does speed up things. I’ll tell my friend to try and make friends with the neighbours;convince them to sign up.


Update: The issue was sorted out. We are now waiting for the installer.


Since you mentioned that you have someone helping out, do you mind asking her when they (Safaricom) will start connecting stand-alone homes?




at this point is it safaricom doing the installation or is it the resellers/agents/contractors the way DSTV or kenya power does it


The lady talked of a “sub contractor” to do the installation.


Thank you Sam


Update: My friend told me that Safaricom installed the fibre. He is now connected.


That was quicker than I expected. Make sure you follow up on the speed they’re getting and general experience. Also the package subscribed to.


Yes it was.He is on the 5 Mbps package.


I have been seeing complains of how slow the Safaricom FTTH has become. I have not notied but it seems the ones complaining are people from Thika Road sides.


does anyone know of any ISP around ruiru that has good speeds at affordable rates??