Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share



Well, this did not work out so well in the US.

Prices tend to lower when there is competition. Comcast charges 2x-3x in areas where they have a monopoly.

You have witnessed first hand the importance of competition. (Airtel vs Safaricom vs Telkom)

It is a blessing in disguise.


What’s wrong with that? If you can differentiate your product(better internet speeds,lower costs, good customer support…free mobile minutes), nothing should stop you from setting up shop in those areas.


Yeah it’s okay but you wonder if they don’t see the huge market outside these high end areas eg Orange going to Muthaiga no, how many customers do you think they will get there
now assume they went to a middle class area of say Thome where able wireless was


And you can see Safaricom is still the most expensive nearly twice or thrice as expensive as the other networks. And well they happen to have the most customers. Instead of focusing on price wars, they are focusing on quality of service delivery.

Well Telkom and Airtel did that but it’s not working on their favor. But let’s wait for Airtel 4G since 3G is barely even working right now. I might sign the contract for postpaid if they don’t change the current state of the service (unlimited bundles).

Muthaiga, Karen, Langata, and Ngong Road - these are one of Orange’s strongholds. Anything new Orange does, the strongholds come first.

It took them like 3 years before they fully upgraded out area to 3G. Now they have launched 4G and the same thing has happened. We have no 4G in our area. Not just our area but nearly 80% of eastlands. The signal is either poor for use or barely unavailable.

Unfortunately, some of my former classmates ( one is a programmer at Zuku and the other a programmer too at Safaricom) told me that the persons responsible with network expansion largely concentrate on surburbs because they feel that is where the money is.

They don’t even conduct a market analysis to determine who needs what. For example, when I managed to marshall support from over 200 neighbours to try and request Safaricom/Zuku/Liquid to give us fiber (we were even ready to pay upfront) they all refused.

But wait mmoja aingie ndiyo utaona wote wakikimbia sasa.


I’m not talking of standalone mobile strategies. I’m talking of offering fiber and mobile in one package: using your mobile assets to get people to sign up onto your fiber package like the way safaricom is doing(right now It’s just a promotional offer). Safaricom could offer a special mobile package to its fiber customers.


Back in 2015, Safaricom revised their data plans 3 times. Each revision lowered the cost or added cheaper data plans.

Flex bundles? Reduced call rates? Nothing yet?

Safaricom is not as expensive as it used to be. You and I both know that. I’d say they are 1.5x at most more expensive than the rest when it comes to data bundles. They have the best network as you have mentioned.

Everything else is almost the same.


I’m no longer under Safcom’s thumb thank God for that. That Safaricom SIM card died in a literal blaze of liberation. The final nail in the coffin for me was the call rate. It’s mind boggling once you think about it. Airtel and Telkom make a profit when they allow their subscribers to call Safaricom for KES 2 or even 1.8! Why, then, does Safaricom still charge KES 4 even within their own network? IMO, that’s the definition of avarice, no?



50bob gives you 150MB Safaricom and Telkom it gives you 400MB and on Airtel it gives you 200MB which you can extend to 500MB when network conditions are okay not as pathetic as they are now. That is just one example. and Flex can’t even come close to Unliminet packages.

Well, at that end of the day it is worth it because to them quality comes first and we all can attest to it.


Safaricom not only sell you the bundle but reliability, you are almost assured to have strong safaricom network and consistent speeds 99% of the time, Telkom might be cheaper but it’s been almost 3 weeks now an thier 3G and 4G coverage and speed have been unstable, airtel suffers the same fate, you might get the 400mb for 50 bob but end up buying the 150 mb from safaricom just to send an important document, untill the other two pull up their socks safaricom will till rule over them.


When you go to the doctor with a twisted ankle and he prescribes amputation as the only treatment, do you tell him that it’s okay as long as he uses anesthetic?


I honestly don’t get your analogy but @kiharajon has a point. With Safaricom data, you’re assured that the connection will be as fast as your data bundle will end. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for Airtel and I have not yet used Telkom.


The twisted ankle represents a need that you have (in this case your need for a data bundle.) Clearly you can let the ankle heal by itself without medical intervention. In other words, the twisted ankle (data bundle) is not a matter of life and death so it is not an emergency and you could probably get a workaround.

However, you go ahead and visit a ‘doctor,’ in this analogy, that’s Safaricom. The doctor in this case cares more about what you’ll pay him than what’s actually good for you. Therefore he doesn’t dare tell you to go back home and put some ice on the ankle and keep weight off of it. Instead, he prescribes a solution that will have him smiling all the way to the bank and makes sure he convinces you that it’s your only option.

The anesthetic is the reliability that you speak of. In my question I was simply asking if the supposedly flawless reliability is worth paying an arm and a leg for when there are other options that are maybe 80% reliable but that will suffice for most of your needs.


Hey people…

FTTH behaving like Zuku this past week - slow speeds, spotry connection, increased timeouts all over Nairobi, from those I’ve asked - With some speculating it’s government practising for next week :eyes:

Are members here experiencing anything different?


Yes. My traffic is passing through something that increases my latency to Mombasa from 20ms to 170ms. I tested this on a different user and they get 20ms. So sijui but anything is possible.


I haven’t seen any difference. Last week there were slow downs, where I noticed my movie buffered for like two or three times but other than that, things have been normal.


In general, internet speeds have dropped since the day IEBC showcased their dry run. Thought it was Telkom, switched to Safaricom 4G and noticed the speeds are slow and intermittent.


How is this election thing affecting internet speed long before the actual exercise? IEBC definitely don’t need all that bandwidth. Could it be as a result of people trying to break or interfere with the result transmission technology being used? BTW I’m expecting to have intermittent or zero internet in the next few days so I’m bracing for that.


Don’t talk about not having internet. That will not sit well with me.


Internet won’t be switched off, but it will stress test the system, in 2007 the network went off for about 15 minutes and it was not because of the government but folks made too many calls in such a short time, only safaricom went down then, this time most people will be online, on whatsapp, Twitter etc, then we have kids at home indoors online, teens streaming etc we might have slow speeds but the network will be on.


That could be one of the reasons. Well another one could be the government is screening our feed through a single tunnel.