Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share



Hey. I went to that place. It’s …hehe…far. My friend didn’t like it. The fiber is there though.


Kwani now anaishi wapi?


An equally far off place. He wants somewhere closer to town but he doesn’t have the “westlands/ngara apartment” money. Myself,I liked the place. Its clean(relatively) and not congested. I honestly don’t know what else he wants, or what the wife wants(I think she is the problem).


Where he stays, how long does he take to reach town? From Regen it’s 30 minutes despite being 25kms away from town.

I now live 7kms away from town and it can take me up to 45mins to get to town. Makona mingi na jam ya Jogoo road.

I’m planning to move back to those sides by end year juu tu ya fiber and it’s cool those sides.


With normal traffic,an hour. We decided to take a mat instead of his car and it was 20 minutes to regen and about 30 minutes back to town. That’s with all the matatu stops. The place is nice.


He takes one hour to town and when he finds a place that takes 30 minutes to him that looks far?
So what does he want? To make it to town under 5 minutes or something?:laughing: :laughing::laughing:

If you can’t convince him, mwache akae. Houses are very expensive and only a few can live next to the CBD unless atafute former houses za City Council around Ngara (that people have privatized). Small and tiny and old-school. But that would set you off around 20K for a two bedroom. Not sure if Safaricom fiber is there but niliona Zuku iko. Na pia hapo ni next to town so you can get plenty of WiFi alternatives.

Pangani is a good alternative too. One bedroom is 20K and they do have Safaricom fiber na Zuku. He can live next to Thika road, unatoka kwa nyumba hata ukitembea utafika town in less than 15 minutes.


We are trying kinoo 87. We’ve seen some good houses there; 2 bedroom at 18k. He was telling me that the wife didn’t like the house. So distance was not the issue.
Edit: Pangani, didn’t think of that. I’ll let him know. Thanks.


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I was thinking the same.


It goes down in the DM…Just kidding :joy:


Guys trying to move why is Thindigua on your list, This is where Saf FTTH started and most flats are covered, rents are a bit high but very secure, clean and water in have a choice of Saf,JTL, zuku, liquid and the mwitu guys in plenty


How high are the rents?


A bit is an understatement. Thindigua nyumba ni super expensive. About 30,000 a two bedroom.


Safaricom FTTH has reached our place and they’re dropping flyers all over the place… I haven’t bothered to pick any of them up because I couldn’t care less. What cracked me up was our guard chasing away the guy dropping the flyers while tearing up the ones he had managed to throw over our gate :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :joy:


Five-Star in Syokimau is 25K for a 2 bedroom apartment, unsure if that includes service charge. Then there’s one using the train everyday to avoid the massive traffic on MSA Road - Train is 60/- at 6:30 AM, 40/- at 8:30 AM, with near similar prices in the evening.

There is FTTH there and they installed a water tank - properly this time, the first one fell and missed some kids, might have killed them - with bodas available 24/7 @ 50/-

Downside is you’re near Kibakis (alleged) factory that spews smoke 24 hours a day 6 days a week and you have noisy kids all over so good luck with quiet time.


But good news is that Saf seems to be moving out fast with the FTTH expansion, remember they advertised for re sellers to join in? most have been approved and have hit the ground running,
The others kina Zuku,Faiba, Liquid etc seem to have halted all expansion plans, Telkom fiber is also expanding but I don’t get their plan they are moving into areas already served by all other
ISPs instead of exploring new grounds, anyone know what happened to Kenya Power and Saf fibre plan?


Wait, I thought the current Safaricom Fibre is in collaboration with Kenya power?


You are very correct.


The cable that Safaricom is putting up runs on KPLC poles so the two must be collaborating on this project. BTW the cable is being set up in Ngong which is in Kajiado County so it must be Nairobi and its environs (Ngong is ~2KM from Nairobi County limits.)


That is what all these ISPS are doing. If you notice, they all after Zukus’ market share. Penye Zuku ilifika ya kwanza, utawapata huko

There is someone who shared a report on internet connectivity that showed approximately 50,000 homes are connected to FTTH. So you can imagine, FTTH is not new but the low number of homes connected to fiber is as a result of these ISPS applying predatory tactics.

So you have a shop here, ooh you seem to be the only one here, let me set up shop too and hopefully I’ll be able to steal some of your customers away from you.

So they are just taking FTTH to people who already have FTTH. If Zuku goes East, all ISPS follow Zuku there instead of going South, North, or West. You wonder who makes such decisions.