Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share



I am in no way saying Zuku is great, but I only have 15% downtime with them a year. You may have to tinker a bit, troubleshoot on your own and use your own router if you don’t want to speak to some incompetent Horizon Contact Center employees.


I will guarantee you that safcom will implement data caps, just give it time nd it will be like zuku. Only difference will be better customer service


data caps are inevitable on FTTH but preferably when they are capped speeds/throttled speeds after 200GB of data usage in order to maintain network integrity,reliablility and quality of service


That’s what they usually say. Its valid and it could be true but i also think its because some offer their own IPTV services or when they want to offer some “innovative bundles/solutions” to allow you to stream services like Netflix. That’s why sometimes net neutrality regulations are important They make internet TV expensive so that you buy their IPTV services or you buy these add-on bundles.


The thing about services like Safaricom FTTH and Zuku is that they have made an increasing number of kenyan youth,or should i say,millenials,to become cord cutters,in a sense,we have evolved beyond consuming content provided over the FTA channels…we rely on social media for news and entertainment.This in the long run could be a threat to conventional traditional media but its all dependent on internet growth and affordability.The funny thing is the millenial cord cutters are exactly the kind of demography advertisers are seeking because they are the ones with the likelihood to purchase their products/services and consume them,especially on the middle to high end.


Thats what i get on my safaricom FTTH


@Dree_Alexander how about a server outside of Nairobi, or use for a better representation of international speeds.


@Dree_Alexander speedtest can be tricked simply by using burst speed allocation for such websites. Alternatively since safcom is at the initial rollout phase you will get almost no data caps. But when it goes nationwide, i dont think they will even give 200Gb data. Same thing they did with the wimax package that was 5k per month, cybers used it a lot. Then they throttle it down till it reached 15Gb per month and was no longer cost effective for cybers and home users.


The only guarantee i have with safcom is their customer care, coz for zuku you can go even a week without connection and all they tell you are stories.


ION Zuku just gave everyone in their respective subscriptions a 66% speed/bandwidth boost for free in light of launching their new offerings…seems like safaricom’s FTTH threat is hitting home.


well,its a free consumer market…if safaricom fucks up,we bail and join the other boats…consumer is king…for now,i will enjoy what they have to offer.


yep,so true…they always have excuses and stories plus they dont offer timelines or updates


Yea, just received the text… I have been telling zuku customer care that should there be competition that matches their rates, they will seriously lose customers… Sometimes i feel like their techies are slow to respond so as to have overtime payment like kplc guys used to do.


Yeeeeh which sucks big time,wanakuwanga na ujinga sana


I got the safaricom letter proposing their “Safaricom Fibre Project” on my door step yesterday.
I’ll sign up and see how it compare’s with Zuku.

Over the last few weeks zuku’s link has been down 50% of the time with speeds going down to as low as 0.35Mbps.
When I contact them they tell me, power is down in your estate yadyadayada. Or someone is looking into it.

I hope Safaricom will be the better option.


Zuku seems to be loosing it…their services are getting worse by the day…They have a customer care team which to me is clueless and don’t care even to update a customer on downtime!! I hope safaricom will offer better services than what some of us are getting from Zuku.


It is very good, Along Naivasha Rd. Never gone down in 4 months since I got it. Best in Kenya.


Had a chance to use it for a few hours. Location was along Naivasha road. Initial speed test showed the UL/DL speed being very balanced if not being skewed towards the upload side - which is a very good thing. From my scant knowledge (I’d need someone here to explain further), I’ve been told uploading data is actually what costs ISP cash. They can give you downloads all day everyday but uploading costs them.This is good news if you put out content esp large files such as videos as they will upload rather fast at face value of course (Try uploading a 1GB file on Zuku and behold the meaning of patience - or impatience. This is also my biggest complaint with Zuku).

The actual usage seemed fair. Streamed Spotify rather well, YouTube was fine except for the occasional drop in speeds. This is also fair considering their prices.

All in all. It is a very fair service and very competitive prices. I’d surely consider it if it was available in my area.


Been using it for 2 weeks now. Everything works perfect. No downtime yet, Streaming is flawless. Hope the the service won’t deteriorate when they hit ‘critical mass’ .

I had problems with the signup process,configuration took 3 day to be connected after i had paid and installation done. 3 days for something that can be done remotely is very annoying.


I paid for 10mbps on Friday last week and it took them a week to connect, this shouldn’t take 48hrs, especially the password which should be instantaneous. I am using 10mbps and maximum speed attained so far is 1.5mpbs when on YouTube