Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share



Always use when in doubt. It is the Netflix speed test tool.

Anyway, some ISPs have soft caps. If the network is not busy, they let you use whatever bandwidth is available.


Bedsitter - 10k - 12K
One Bedroom - 15K - 20K
Two Bedroom - 20K - 30K

Houses are very expensive 87 all the way to Kinoo, hadi Muthiga.


Good. Some agent was telling him 12k at regen-that a good place?


Regen is fine. Not sure kama Safaricom net imefika though.


When the friend asked whether there was internet, the agent said Safaricom was present-the only provider there. I’m also seeing it on the Safaricom fiber map.


Then go for it


Okay. I’ll inform him. Thank you.


past uchumi towards tusky’s it’s there


Building yetu wamekataa kuconnect Safaricom FTH. Planning to go to the office and complain the shit out of them till they agree. Can’t be here suffering and I work 80% from home! :rage:

And who still uses Access Kenya??


Only neanderthals still use it.


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Building yetu wamekataa kuconnect Safaricom FTH.

If fiber is around try get the field supervisor hao ndiyo wanaeza wasaidia. Ambush him/her na upole and make sure you are not alone. Go there na watu wa ploti mzima.


Eish! Hiyo ni tricky sana boss! It’s hard to get other tenants to rally around you especially if you are new. Wao huulizana huyu na alikuja juzi anaona anaweza kutushow vile tunafaa ku operate. Kwani anatuchukulia mafala aje? I prefer to plant seeds of discord so that kama landlord ataambiwa it won’t come from me. Lakini I’d make sure to be there to second the people who raise the issue hadi the landlord bumps it up the priority list. Naona @barbzy ameshaharibu juu every time landie akiskia story ya Internet atajua ni yeye no matter who it comes from.


:joy::joy::joy: already ame qualify hii comment

Sahii anamulikwa :joy::joy::joy:


People who don’t know about Safaricom Fibre


I live there, net is live.


How long does it take you to get to town?


From Regen it should be 30 minutes max normal hours. Rush hour depends. Once took me 2 hours the most. Other times 1 hour. That was in 2015 nikikua area za Kinoo.


Good. And one can get an uber/little/taxify cab there?


Where are you heading to with these questions though :joy: :joy::joy::joy:

Regen ni mtaa tu kama ingine. If you can get a cab in Kayole kwa Hessy, I believe you can get a cab anywhere within Nairobi and it’s surroundings.


Haha. I’m done with the questions. Thank you all.